Why do you have a right to fast BG queues?

Agreed. I do think there should have been a solution as horde queues will keep getting worse but this solution is so bad. Even though I talk about impatience a lot and mean it I do think some sort of solution to this is a good thing.

The solution that made the most sense to me was free or paid horde to alliance (only) transfers. People were willing to do it. They said so. It wouldn’t have harmed anyone. It wouldn’t have caused issues with balance on PVP servers either but instead helped with that. What they did was the easy fix that doesn’t fit at all with the game and its like even they think it’s a total joke with the Halloween masks. Its in testing phase so there’s hope but I’m not expecting a lot.


It’s not about a right to fast queues, it about a right to NOT have 1 hour queues which is just completely unplayable if you want to pvp.

Just like it’s fair to expect balanced factions so queue times would be equal but players rolled heavily to one side creating the line.

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If I pay $15/month do I have the right to a tier piece every week?

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Sure, but they have control over the que times. They can’t force you to play as alliance.

OP, tell me why Blizzard would say this if they didn’t think players had the “right” to fast BG queues.


For real I’m almost lvl 30 in ff14 now. Gonna have to be hard recant from Blizzard to get our subscriptions back

Because the Blizzard devs of today are awful compared to the Blizzard devs of 2006


If players had any sense, before this change they would’ve gone Alliance for the perks of fast queues and plenty of wpvp.

All the signs were there, the warnings of imbalance but players ignored it just like players ignore the server type they’re on(PvP) and then cry later after being ganked.

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Well, said, level 50 Gnome Mage!

I don’t know what the perks are lol. We had faster times, but lost over and over to get gear that doesn’t matter. Que times for BG’s is not a consideration for faction choice.

It is a line dude, one that you helped create. I don’t get it, do they not teach basic math is schools anymore?

Can I expect to have the same access to wpvp objectives, meeting stones, quests, or farming spots? Things should be fair right?


I like how they don’t include the faction like it was an Alliance issue as well so it “benefits everyone.”

Where was this enthusiasm from Blizzard back in Classic Vanilla to create solutions towards imbalanced servers and balance in general, if they focused on that more we wouldn’t have this issue.

This is a problem that should have been addressed early in Classic. Server/Faction health is important to the experience, and the approach was hands off — maybe worse, if you factor in transfers and boosts (the worse off the situation becomes, the more likely people are to turn to store purchases to find greener pastures).

The integrity of TBCC as a “museum piece” is already gone, so introducing hard Alliance incentives seems like the logical choice here. Instituting solutions that make the population imbalances actively worse is laughable, but I probably shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

Take a step back. I can’t find a group to run Deadmines on my alt. That content is locked from me.

There are many words one might use to describe this: inconvenient; disappponting; etc. But a “problem”? No. Because other people choosing how to spend their time online differently than me is not a “problem” and does not require a “solution”.

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That is an interesting perspective. I could argue that they only started looking into it because so many people were complaining but it would be mere speculation.

That sounds like something a non sensical player would say.

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Hahah maybe, but picking the faction that will lose the lion’s share of matches for worthless gear is something I don’t quite understand. I’m only going to raid, so alliance is a perfectly fine choice. If I wanted to win BG’s, I’d have picked horde. They’ve been better since day one.