Why do we not have War Mode in Remix?

Or at least bgs.

Such a missed opportunity dude. WPvP in Pandaria was so fun back in the day and with the wacky gems and stuff it could have been such a fun experience as well as something else to do during the three months.

Like please lmao.

Before any qqers, you aren’t required to flag for War Mode so there is no reason to not have it.


Yeah. Good luck balancing this for PvP. lol.


Because during plunderstorm everyone cries about PvP. Imagine if the put PvP in the event made because pvers spent months crying on the forums about it.

Its WPvP its about fun lol. With an event like this I don’t think balance is even a thing people are worried about.

I am an evil djinn. I will grant your wish in exchange for your soul. Is PvP what you desire?


I don’t think I have one but I accept!


The amount of Monks I have seen with heroic leap being combo’ed with chi torpedo and tiger lust zipping around pandaria… yeah and i couldnt imagine the insane nightmares just trying to balance that mobility and the other trinkets that are dropping being used lol.

Though I have seen a few flagged for PvP on the starting isle. Maybe just the ol’fashioned right click enable pvp thing. Although not on pandaria though… unless they went to different areas.

Done. While PvP is now enabled, all your routers will fry before connecting to the realm.

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Which sounds like it would be wacky insane fun just for funs sake lol

lol. I was doing a mage yesterday. Realized I didn’t like it. Huge damage, but the cast times. And then I noticed monks flying halfway across the map. Guarantee that’s what I’m making

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I think it’s easy for players to say they’ll accept the unfairness in this game mode, but we all know the crying would start almost immediately once they see just how unbalanced it is.


Oh :frowning: well…

Yeah this is exactly what would have happened.

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For Overland I go WW Monk.

Torpedo → Heroic Leap → Rocket Jump → Tiger Lust → Torpedo → Flying Dragin Kick

Cant count how many times Ive flown off a cliff and had to use Zen Cloud to save me from death zooming around lol.

Dungeons and Raids I go MW and push damn near the same damage as WW lol. And no FDK to my doom lol.

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Oh I love this

You can still turn on PvP which I did. I got jumped by a rogue and pwnd him on my monk. He could not handle my monkish master of GUNG FU!


If you’ve spent any amount of time in this game you’d know that these forums would be more radioactive then the #4 chernobyl reactor core with people complaining about how insane the imbalance would be.

No, ya’ll just got plunderstorm with wacky powers. Let PvE get a fun game mode for a bit.

You aren’t going to hook us up with a tray of nachos or whatever?

Yeah! Where my nachos at?