Why do we NEED a priest for mythics

I disagree, different classes bring different utility- and that is OK. :+1:

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Put it on a Tenacity pet just to troll them :laughing:

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PI > mass dispel

Another day im happy i pvp

You don’t. You NEED an augvoker.

Originally only druid had brez (and no regular rez). Then we got DK brez. Lock also has brez now but it didn’t use to work like that. It was only proactive not reactive. Paladin got it more recently.

Only shaman had lust now so does mage, hunter, and evoker.

So probably fine to give another class or 2 mass dispell. Maybe shaman and a pure dps class to encourage them to be chosen. Hunters lack a lot of group utility.

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Today, we’re deploying a hotfix that will do this.

Going forward, creatures that detect stealth and invisibility will be immune to the effects of Mind Soothe. They will now return an immune message, but should not put the Priest into combat.


Zomg a blue poster quoted me!

That is like 2-3 times ever, I feel like I should buy a power ball ticket later.

Even though I suggested it, I’m worried about this change being made mid-season which causes more problems.

I would probably support just removing truesight from the problem packs and making this immune to mind sooth change for season 3.


that’s the worst possible solution to the problem, just REMOVE truesight and let rogues and mages let you skip the same packs as priests. Skips are a FUN part of dungeons! What are you doing???


Still required for bursting though lmao

Just like shadow priests were required for bursting in SL?

You mean holy priest?

You mean how holy Paladin and resto shaman were meta for seasons 1 and 2?

And nobody cared about MD for bursting?

bursting is actually a good example of when a class is helpful but NOT required. You can manage bursting fine without a priest, but it’s nice.


and raging requiring soothe, etc. MD isn’t required for keys the great majority of players do, and those that do higher are gonna take the best class regardless.

For the sake of consistency this makes perfect sense, but wouldn’t just removing Truesight from mobs frequently skipped with Mind Soothe this season make more sense, so groups with a Rogue or just a Mage (or just groups saving invis pots) could also skip these packs?

All this accomplishes on top of drastically nerfing Priest utility (again, necessary) is just making Halls of Infusion a lot harder despite the dragons you’d have skipped as is being nerfed quite heavily.


With Bursting you don’t want to kill all the mobs altogether… something that is different from Bolstering.

Bursting is a bad affix for pugs, you will 100% have a priest if you’re pugging.

thank god, mind soothe was too strong.

The fact that it had true sight from the start meant it wasn’t meant to be easily skipped. So removing true sight doesn’t make much sense in this context.

So will all the damage nerfs be rolled back? Seems kind of ridiculous that you nerfed damage to dissuade people running with a priest only to do this. Is there anyone working at Blizz that has a clue?

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Are you suggesting shadow priest damage wasn’t/still isn’t high in mythic+?