Why did you uncap valor?

You have made it nearly impossible to even get into groups for M+. This was a terrible decision. Now I have no reason to play the game. You’re literally going to drive people away from playing the game because they can’t get into the content they want.

If you have feedback about the game you can submit it through the ingame suggestion button as they don’t monitor feedback here.

I see you already did post feedback on topics about this so there was no need to open a thread at CS about it.


It was a decision that the Devs made, but no staff comes here beyond our SFAs and they do not relay along feedback. This forum is a player-to-player assistance forum, so you’re only venting to folks who have nothing to do with the decision that was made, nor are we able to do anything about it.


Imagine being mad about this.


So, because others don’t select you for their groups, that’s somehow Blizzard’s fault?

Just off the top of my head, I can probably list a dozen things you can do in the game while not in an M+. If you choose to not participate in other aspects of the game, that’s your choice. But Blizzard won’t cater to your personal playstyle when making decisions.

Or they are going to keep more people happy because M+ feels like less of an exclusive “cool kids” club.

Perhaps it was. If you have constructive feedback (as in, how do you think it should work, why do you think it should work that way, etc), then you’ll want to leave it in the appropriate forum. General or Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios, in this case. You can also utilize the in-game Suggestion feature.

A tip about constructive feedback: saying “I don’t like it” or “I can’t get into a M+” is not constructive.


Use your own keystone :slight_smile:


People don’t realize that ilvl does not matter 99% of the time. I’d rather take someone that is 385 ilvl and it says “main score 2500”, than someone at 405 ilvl with low score.

There is little I can add to this one that the others have not already mentioned. Thank you for the link to the Community post, Kozzae.

In order to encourage feedback be directed to the appropriate place I’m going to lock this one up. Thanks, all.