Why did you choose The Venture Co. as your first server?

For me, and this is so utterly shallow, but completely true. I thought that the more letters in the server type the better… Like I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Because all the options were on the table! truthfully, I just liked that there were more letters in rppvp vs pvp or the ghastly plain normal.

VeCo wasn’t my first server, but I transferred here in early 2009.

I was looking for an all-Tauren guild and was lucky enough to have found Thunderhoof Clan. Some of my best moments in WoW were spent serving with The Herd here on VeCo.

My buddy was on Veco so naturally I went there. Best decision I ever made as far as I’m concerned.

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I chose VeCo simply because of the RP/PVP. Those were two aspects of the game I was most interested in. I’m still glad I did considering some of the amazing players I met on both sides of the war. VeCo is what shaped my play style, and the lore I was taught through player interaction made the game that much more awesome.

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