Why cant worgen be tamed

im tired of being a wild animal, living off grass and other random junk on the floor

i want a dog bowl filled with delectable treats
i want a quaint doghouse out in the summer sun
i want to be able to walk around without being called a mutt

but most of all, i want to live in a happy home

please blizzard, let people tame worgens
worgens need love and care too

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Fun fact, hunters used to be able to tame Worgens.

Until they fixed it.


Before that happens, a certain Worgen needs to be house trained.

I mean, Blizzard had to keep the worgen population in check somehow.


A more plausible theory is that Blizzard HATES fun.

If players are having fun, players are happy playing the game.

They can’t have that.

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yes of course, steve needs to stop shedding all over the auction house

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Give them some bacon and BOOM. Tamed.

Along time ago you could… But Fun Police came in.

Also there is a Druid in a TBC Dungeon who gets tamed… so we should be able to tame druids too!

And Druids. If said Druid is on Feral form, should be tammed.

Why stop there? Let’s tame Draenei, too. I want one or two female Vindicators to tank for me.

I will take care of you.

/cast Tame Pet

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I have a different idea about having two female draenei tamed… :smirk:

I remember that! It was that worgen that took over that wolf pack, ya needed to be survival to tame him. (There was a trick to it where you needed one of the survival talents)

The way they “fixed” him was terrible though as it was a hotfix and happened while people were playing. They took away all his pet abilities turning him into a glorified vanity pet . . . which was great when your in warsong gulch when the hotfix was implemented and getting killed by an undead rogue and your pet suddenly looses the ability to dash! grumble


I call dibs on Fluffy, but only if I can put a pink rhinestone collar on him.


yes please

id look pretty in pink

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No. I called dibs. He can drag bodies back so I can test my poisons on…

Same reason you cant tame a tauren/vulpera/gnome (yes gnomes are animals).