Why Can't Pets Bring Raid Buffs in Dragonflight?

I loved it when hunter pets could bring missing raid buffs. It’s an easy fix too. Add a UI screen for pets, and hunters literally pick a raid buff from the list of icons in the game and now that pet can bring that buff.

Hey, we have a warrior in the group, okay I’ll buff mystic touch (Monk Buff). All attacks from the hunter and pet apply mystic touch.

I just think Hunters are in a poor position when it comes to raid buffs, unless they buff sentinal to be OP. 20% leech for 20 seconds, that would give them a raid spot but other than that, I would love to see pet buffs come back. What do you think think?


Eh, it seemed like a good idea. I think Cata/MoP were the peak of this, but I also remember that I had an actual PDF flowchart to help me figure out what to bring depending on the raid composition. I don’t think having to have flowcharts to guide your play is a desirable side effect.

I remember I was running Hyena on my SV back in days for that sweet haste buff

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But the suggested addition of Hunter pet buffs does not change that…

The problem that caused you to use a flowchart was too many too strong buffs. Making it a annoying mini-game to get them all/as many as you could. Having a Hunter being able to give one of the missing ones would a) make the stress to find people for all the buffs easier and b) you’d simply just use the strongest one you lack.

Dont blame the whole “flowchart” on the pet buffs. That was a nice solution which had no reason to be removed just because they lowered the amount of buffs in the game.

Blizzard is quite honestly embarrasing themselves with this whole circle jerk of development. More buffs - less buffs - more buffs - etc. Same as abilities, first more abilities then pruning and then unpruning and then pruning again and round and round they go. God forbid you find a good middle grund?

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I wish they’d bring back the notion of a pet with a rez (Cranes used to have b-rez). It doesn’t need to be so powerful as a b-rez (Paladins can enjoy), but I’d love having a pet with an out-of-combat rez that I could use to rez the healer after I feign a pull that went sour.