Why can't pets also scale to our level?

Almost everywhere you go scales to your level but not pets! Why can’t pets also scale to your level? If you want to level your battle pets, you are forced to go to places that have those level of pets. It would be so much better if we could do that while questing taking advantage of the scaling.

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The devs could have made a pet battles game where pets scale with the player. It would be very different. I’m glad they didn’t.

No, very not, you don’t.

I can’t find your armoury to check out your leves of pets, but the way it mostly works is:

Once you get a few pets to max level (which you can do by getting just one to max level and buying other 25s) you will mostly be levelling your pets by a) completing Tamer World Quests and b) using levelling Stones you get from World Quests.

The levelling journey for your character is quite short (World Record is under 5 hours, though ofc few will do it that fast) and so the character-with-pet levelling you mention is only a tiny part of your total playtime.

If you are new to pet collecting and battling, I have a 4-part guide with suggestions that starts here: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/guide-how-to-get-your-first-pet-to-25/278562

You might also check out warcraftpets.com and wow-petguide.com for other information and guides.

If you’re like me and just like ‘out in the wilds’ leveling, you still don’t need scaling to do this. Two level 25 pets with ‘Devour’ or similar healing abilities will be able to carry your other pet while you level, and now that pets get xp even if they die you don’t have to worry about reviving level 1-5s if they die to the hit they have to take in order for them to get experience.



I used to LOVE ‘out in the wilds’ leveling. But then I completed collecting all the wild pets. :crying_cat_face:

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True, and while I’m a bit fanatic about having 1 of each, just can’t get into the every-breed and every-color collecting that some folks seem to enjoy.

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Thank you maybe I will try this. I got like 40 pets to level 16 during the last pet battle bonus event and now I am back to leveling my alt in a level 20 pet area. I have been leveling pets in the game since they came out except for my couple year hiatus from the game.

I guess I do it wrong but before they made areas scale to your level, where you leveled, the pets kind of leveled up with so I still have that mentality. Like low level areas have low level pets , etc… I look on the map for the pet levels and battle pets 2-3 levels higher which becomes very time consuming.

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