Why bother with Disc anymore?

So with the recent changes to Holy and the changes coming in WW; is disc getting shelved again?

No, Disc is not getting shelved. If anything Holy had a rough time in 10.2 and needed the buffs more than anything. Disc has a pretty rock solid foundation that just needs to built upon.

We just haven’t seen what they’re doing with all the Priest specs though next expansion since there’s no talent tree stuff to look at.


Barely a nerf to disc. They’ll be totally fine.


They buffed Disc’s atonement healing in M+ so they’re actually going to be stronger there. Disc’s healing in raid is going to be on the same level as Holy.

To put things into perspective though we already overheal around 40%+ in raid and nerfing healers by 5-10% just makes you overheal less.


I personally am not so sure Disc will be fine …for me… with the upcoming Hero Talents.

One option makes you a Holy-lite heal-bot and the other forces you to play what is, essentially, a Void/Shadow spec. I’ve been Disc for 16 years - I’ve played every iteration of Discipline to exist and never once felt the need to abandon my class, but if Hero Talents are mandatory, it may be be time to move on from my one-and-only main character.

See, I don’t do group stuff anymore - I only play solo - Oracle seems to be quite literally useless for a solo player.

I won’t play Voidweaver because class fantasy is important to me and I don’t play Shadow spec, nor am I interested in the Void fantasy with it’s darkness.

This is practically a freaking existential crisis.


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Oracle will surely be fine on solo for you if you don’t want to use the clearly stronger solo play tree.

I feel ya…I wish I had the awareness or mental agility to keep up with atonement buffs to play disc. I actually made a priest, and mained it, in MOP because you were LITERALLY a dps that healed. It was SO MUCH FUN, then every other healer complained about our healing being “smart healing” and unfair…and now we have to track a buff on players instead of it being a totally awesome passive. Maybe such a thing would be far more difficult to balance in a M+ setting, which didn’t exist back then, but I sure do miss that. Since then…I just do holy/shadow.

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