Why block off OL dark portal?

For the longest time you were able to run out the dark portal from Outland to get to the blasted lands, now for some reason they have taken that out. what harm was that doing to the game? how is that some how worse than the travesty they call balance to this game? this change literally only hurts players, this is one of their infamous problems they devs made up and solved themselves. I feel really really bad for any horde who aren’t a mage who want to get to southern EK now. if i wanted to wait for a zep or boat I would have been playing classic.


I’m not sure how you equated a portal to class balance, but okay.

This was changed quite a while ago, and I believe it was because of the Dark Portal changing because of Warlords. It was easier to block off the portal than have someone walk through into a bunch of elite Iron Horde if they’re phased to that point.

It really doesn’t. The portal for Outland takes you to Shattrath, not Hellfire. And Shattrath has portals to SW and Org.

Why? There’s a mage to talk to that most (not all, since it’s still bugged) can use to be teleported to Blasted Lands, along with a zeppelin to STV.

The wait isn’t that long…

that’s embarrassing, you think this was a change made in WoD, stick to replying to things you know about, I had my UC set to past specifically just because you could travel out of dark portal. there was portal to hellfire in old UC, you take that portal then run out of dark portal to get to blasted lands, worked until 9.0. didn’t even bother reading the rest of your response because you decided to show your hand of being ignorant right off the bat

Can confirm this was possible in 8.3. Haven’t tried since 9.0, but can confirm there is an npc in org portal room that ports you to Blasted Lands.

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To slow down the Horde.

now that is interesting, what’s the name?

Before it was the Thrallmar and Honor Hold Mages, who would take you into Outland just on the other side of the Dark Portal. Unfortunately the Mages have been changed in 9.0.1 and now port you in front of the Dark Portal which is consistently connected to Warlords of Draenor.

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Uh… no. I haven’t been able to walk back through that portal into Blasted Lands for quite some time. And I never said it was changed in Warlords. I said I believe it was changed for Dark Portal reasons.

And guess what? After a search, I was right. This isn’t new since 9.0. Apparently it’s a bug.

How about you drop the attitude. I was attempting to explain why I thought it was changed. Turns out it’s bugged and it’s been there longer than 9.0.

The NPC for Blasted Lands is also bugged but has been there since the portal room was put into the game.

not sure what you mean, there were portals in both UC and Tel, that took you to the dark portal OL version, from there you were able to fly through and pop out in our azeroth. they removed that.

go to bed kid you have no idea what i’m talking about, how about you try to read and i’ll quote what you did “when trying to go to Hellfire Peninsula” TO…TOOOOOOOO being key word. that’s not what I’m talking about. I promise you I know what I’m talking about i took that portal at least 12 times a week running kara on all my toons.

i’m talking about going from HFP TO Blasted lands. something that was 100% possible until 9.0

Cut the attitude. I did read. You said and I quote:

And I answered you. And even linked the thread that explains it’s been bugged.

… which is exactly what I’m talking about. There is a bug. It will not let you walk through the portal to get back to Blasted Lands. It has been there for some time. I gave you alternate ways to get to Blasted Lands.

What is your problem? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I always took the mages to go to Outland at level 60, they would port you close to the FP in Hellfire Penn to pick up the quest to go to Honor Hold and Thrallmar before the patch. After the patch, they port you right in front of Khadgar.

show me in the quote you gave me how it said getting from OUTLAND to the BLASTED LANDS is bugged, re-read your quote. really pay attention and read it, point A to B matter, they’re not interchangeable. you can’t be like eh blasted lands to OL, OL to blasted lands who cares does it matter, YES 100% YES it does and that’s exactly what you’re doing. I see you replying too so you better have really read it this time i swear, no shame in saying english isn’t your first language and bowing out.


I gave you what I believed was the reason for why you couldn’t walk through and told you it’s not new. And when I looked it up after you claimed it was new and insulted me for it, I found it was a bug that’s been there for quite some time.

That statement means walking through the portal into Blasted Lands and being met with Iron Horde from the now phased to Warlords Blasted Lands. So I was very much referring to going from Hellfire to Blasted Lands.

There’s been an easier way to get to Blasted Lands since the portal rooms were introduced. Which you ignored because you refused to believe this was ever an issue before.

I’ve linked you the thread on the problem, I have you alternatives. I don’t know why you’re so freaking hostile, but I’ll remember to never try to help you again. Geebus.

nothing you showed says it’s a bug. someone is complaining they can’t get from BL to HFP that has nothing to do with our issue, cause they said it started in March, I’ve been using that portal flawlessly until just pre-patch launched. Yes every time you came out of the OL portal into BL the elite orcs where there they just dont’ matter, at all you entered into the WoD BL who cares it was still a passage to the BL

magical fox is magical.

i can’t even remember the last time we were able to walk through the portal from outland.

Blame Garrosh. Medivh made a perfectly good and functioning interdimensional gateway.

Your a Vulpera, your resourceful. Go work son, fix it! :smiling_imp:

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