Why are you making us suffer?

Why Blizzard are you not doing anything about how grossly underpopulated our server has become? It’s to the point where it’s nearly impossible for us to fill 25 man raids…. We lose more and more people and guilds leaving each week. We are getting like 2% a day on the island progress so glad I wasted all that time building up badges just so they will rot. By the time we get new badge gear WOTLK will be out. At this point I either pay you to move my toons because our server is dead and you refuse to help the community or I cancel my subs and find a new game. I have been playing your games since Diablo and StarCraft but it has become clear by your actions you care more about money than the community that has been supporting you for decades. If I do cancel my subs I will never come back to WOW or any other games you produce.


I just went to buy consume refills from a raid last night and they are grossly overpriced at about 3x the cost of atiesh. I am not spending 500g for raid consumes and mats are empty on the AH. I don’t like to complain but there is no reason I should have to pay more money to have my chars moved.
Very bad decision assuming Old Blanchy will have an influx of players at Wrath. These are the same people who will just quit playing again as soon as it is no longer the latest hype.

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I know this thread is slightly older but obviously remains relevant today (if not more). We just received recent news of server transfers and Old Blanchy wasn’t mentioned at all (not offered free transfers nor listed as a destination). There was a blue posted stating something to the degree of “but wait, there’s more…” but we have been holding out and would like to know what our fate might be?

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