Why are you against PvP-PvE transfers

Totally fine with PVP -> PVE servers
never going to be ok with the other way

This may be true, but I think some players in this game are overdoing it because of what happened to retail WoW.

So, just because some certain people made a decision without “doing their homework” first, we should have our server stability jeopardized further by these impatient people that pushed for transfers because of “queue times”? It’s what ruined the game and created this mess, ya know.

Like I said, fine, so be it… I’m cool with it as long as you give all of us people that KNOW what we’re signing up for an offer to transfer to a “no transfers ever oldschool stay out if you cant handle the heat of pvp servers” server. We can all just go to that server and when everyone else crash and burns the servers around us that server will become the mega server all the refugees roll their alt on in 3 years.

A 2 week grace period of paid transfers from pvp to pve would be a good idea. Once you transfer you cant move back or anywhere else. I think we can agree on that.
That gives the people who dont enjoy pvp servers a second chance and those who enjoy pvp to be around people who enjoy it too.

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It sounds like you want a fresh population of victims who will be forever blocked from leaving after rerolling there by mistake. And somehow you think that trapping characters on a server will not result in characters that are never played again.

I get that you’re trying to change wow into some game that it was never meant to be. You are the one who doesn’t get that.

One thing classic will not have is a different custom server type for everyone who wants something engineered specifically for their preferences.

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Lol this is the most troll response I think I’ve ever gotten. You must be a zoomer if you think that.

I am alliance on herod, i don’t need a “fresh population of victims” believe me I have enough targets to choose from as is lmao.

I want to know that entire guilds can’t transfer after their 6 month cooldown to go to a smaller pop server to monopolize world bosses. I want to know that ninjas can’t ninja half a binding and go to another to ninja another. I want to know the people I play with and the server lore that is created. You and I just have an entirely different mindset and you obviously don’t understand where I’m coming from because you’re either too young or too ignorant of what the social climate of the MMORPG scene was like in 2004. I don’t know which one and don’t really care but you don’t speak for me and I’ve made my points clear.

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I for one am not against it. It would give those that hate life on a PVP server a way to enjoy the game without them losing time invested. At the very least Blizzard should let the players know its coming, then these folks could start an alt on a PVE server and transfer their main later.

However, it should be one way. It wouldn’t seem right to level up a character to 60 on a PVE server, then transfer to a PVP server.

Not sure why anyones against pvp to pve transfers. Only thing I can think of is something i heard the other day about darkfall. When the wolves are too hard on the sheep the sheep leave. Then the wolves have nothing to do so they quit too.

Moral of the story dont overharvest or you wont have anything left to harvest.

You keep talking about one thing and pretending the result of your crusade would not be the opposite, ie, a one faction server with a minuscule population.

You will not get your own personal private server from blizzard. Learn to work within this game or find one more to your liking.

The social climate of wow was always a mishmash of people who associated with others like themselves, and trolls who gamed the system because they knew they could get away with it.

Of course I don’t speak for you. And as a tiny minority, you should not be able to dictate how others play. You are the troll in this thread, demanding that they engineer a specific server type with a different game for you and a handful of others.

LOL Are you trying to turn this around on me? If paid transfers are open, it will make ALL SERVERS A “one faction server with a miniscule population”, thats the exact thing I’m trying to avoid! Look at what server transfers did to create this problem.

The social climate of ever single game back then was one single server and every server had their own server famous people for different reasons and different guilds were known for different things and everyone knew everyones usual hang arounds and who were ninjas and who liked to farm in the silithis caves all day etc. This is off of personal experience of actual vanilla not a pserver, though I have played those too… and you know what? Pservers are just as unbalanced messes as classic is, so I don’t know why you keep making that comparison. At least in pserver though you can usually at least play with the opposite faction if your server is dead.

I don’t see why you’re so aggressive with the way you word things, you’re a level 120 with 2850 achievement points, and you’re calling me a private server player? I haven’t played since legion, never raided, and have like 15k… if I’m a pserver player, you are a free trial player.

This is one of reasons why I hesitate to reroll and/or transfer as well, even though I get really salty after being ganked.

Like, it does solve problems, but it also kills the soul of the game a bit. It’s going to be a new server. That Stromgarde Keep is not going to be the same keep where me and my brother had hard time getting quests done with all the horde around. That Scarlet Monastery is not going to be the same monastery where we perfectly timed door for incoming party members to minimize chances of being ganked by the horde camp at the entrance. There is something in this continuity that is immersive. If only we started on a PvE server from the beginning! I keep saying to myself.

Yep.And these zoomers don’t even understand how games like this were supposed to be and it completely goes over their heads despite me explaining over and over they get confused and somehow think this is my idea of a “pserver experience”. It’s so weird and it makes me feel old and I’m not even that old.

what is a zoomer?

Generation Z. Basically the only generation that could be making absurd statements like George said above. Accusing what I want of being like molding classic to a pserver is hilarious and could only be made from ignorance especially when you realize what kind of unbalanced redridge camping nightmares pservers are. It’s just clearly obvious this guy has no idea how games like FFXI, ultima, vanguard, city of heroes, vanilla, everquest, daoc, planetside, shadowbane, basically any game back then worked. server community was huge on literally all of those and im honestly done throwing myself to the retail wolves for today I could argue with an endless stream of people like George or I could go play the game and I’ve had my fill for today. George you must have been in diapers when vanilla launched or you’re new to the MMO scene and think games like “destiny 2” are MMOs.

Can’t wait for Pantheon.

yes and yes.

Not against it but if you rolled on a PvP server ignoring the fact you’ll be flagged 24/7 then you kind of jumped into your own grave in that regard.

Then again Vanilla’s release and structure was not the original classic beat-to-beat as the raid are apparently much more easily conquerable, classes aren’t too disjointed and almost everyone with eyes have taken in the true hardcore players stratagems that could arguably be debated as fanatically insane in its unbending plan.

Yeah its coming. They pbbly wonna see the effect of bgs on the game but i have no doubt that paid server xfers will come soon to most pvp servers if not all. Id be cool with everyone getting them.

People keep engaging you on your own terms and its ridiculous. I’ma lay it out for you in real plain English:

The world does not revolve around you and your desperate attempt to cling to the way the internet was 20 years ago. I was there. I was playing UO while a lot of people playing Classic were still crapping in their diapers. Its done, bro. Its over.

Your time and desire to try and capture the essence of games that came out over a decade ago does not take priority over other people’s ability to enjoy, much less simply play the game. Period, dot, the end.


I’m all for it but only for the dominant faction as we dont want faction imbalance to snowball. Otherwise you end up with pvp servers becoming pve servers and at that point, the server is ruined. In addition what we need is faction transfers from dominant faction to less populated one.