Why are you against PvP-PvE transfers

Because those transfers were not paid and were limited. And look at how much they screwed up the game. Come on man, you know they completely wrecked this game. If we can both admit that, why would more transfers help? It would obviously make it worse: Look at flamelash.

why do you say gatekeeping like it’s a bad thing? gatekeeping is essential in any hobby.

they should’ve been serious about population balance from the start if they were gonna do this. but they allowed things like heartseeker and flamelash to happen. at this point i’m not sure if they have any idea how to fix it. you know that they just gave up in retail.


This game can’t function like retail can though. The open world is very much the game for many different players. Collecting niche pvp items/trinkets, the rivalries between farming, helping stamp out gankers, being the ganker, this isn’t nostalgia but what makes OG WoW appealing, I’m going to compare classic to another game- RUST. Rust is an appealing single server game as well because you form rivalries and know your rival lives "down the street by the river in the small base near the monument’, so if you’re in that area you know to watch out or look for him. That is the same type of experience that happened on OG WoW and actually still happens in classic from time to time. Paid transfers would ruin all of that though, it would create a new meta and even with a 6 month limit you would have entire hardcore guilds working around it.

They can’t give up, because all of the diehard players that love this game will too and then all of the people who don’t really care will just move on to shadowlands.

Maybe that’s what they want.

Burp, paid transfers did exist in vanilla and therefore will be coming to classic. Did you forget they were there?

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You guys should take a look at the sticky now posted.


The reality is that people who make the irrecoverable sort of mistakes you think they should be punished for, whether out of ignorance or changing circumstances, will end up leaving the game.

It is bad for the game to put pitfalls like this in.

It doesn’t matter whether you and a tiny percentage of players agree with you. You are wrong, and what you want is bad for the playerbase and bad for the game.

Your point is invalid because it ignores reality.

No, it wasn’t.

There has NEVER been one monolithic community on any server. The populations have always been made up of smaller communities that interact with their own friends and members, but not at all with some of the other communities with which they have little in common.

Some of the angriest, unhappiest, and most vindictive people in the world seem to have been drawn like a magnet to classic. What’s up with that?

I mean, there WAS PVP to PVE transfers in vanilla, it just wasn’t pve to pvp servers. anyone saying they shouldn’t allow them are literally fighting against what was in vanilla.


Those are your “hardcore” online gamers.

Nobody is asking for that at all. People are arguing there should not be pvp to pve transfers.

Read that again, PVP to PVE was in vanilla, anyone arguing against them is just wrong.

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Glalve, paid transfers in classic were due to a completely different reason and barely even existed if you even want to count them. I was around back then and I remember it vividly and I’ll tell you why they existed.

It was patch 1.11, a few months before TBC had came out. There was already several servers die, the forums were constantly full of people making threads saying there was no one to play with and they couldn’t find groups. If you remember Blizzard said that a “medium” realm on classic is bigger than the biggest “full” realm on vanilla.

There were tons of realms, and the huge realms all had queue problems much like today. Tichondrius for example had a meme “Tichondrius is not for you” sprout up because everyone would always ask if it was a good server to roll on. Tich had transfers to kalecgos if I remember correctly.

The point I’m getting with this is the transfers were only introduced to prepare servers for TBC and relieve queues from the hugely overpopulated realms and save the dead ones that had already been for the most part merged before.

They didn’t offer them because people got tired of getting ganked on mega servers, and if you really want to be technical about it I guess we can say you can have paid transfers in like phase 6 and only from realms like faerlina > flamelash.

P.S. They were PVP > PVP only, not PVP >PVE.

Let me clarify further.

Burp and others like him are arguing that paid, pvp to pve server transfers should not come to classic.

I am countering with “paid, pvp to pve transfers did exist in vanilla and therefore will be coming to classic.”

Nobody is asking for paid pve to pvp server transfers.

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That is wrong. PvP to pve was possible. Pve to pvp was not.

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hopefully they come sooner than later! be strong alliance it might not be much longer now!

Me pointing out how it existed back then that there were no pve to pvp is not me advocating or saying others are advocating for them, you’re making a fool of yourself.

Well if that is wrong then I would admit that but from memory I don’t recall that. I do know that my main point however was correct.

I used the service myself to move off of Kil’Jaeden to Elune when I moved from the west coast and wanted to play more casually. It cost me $25.

It’s not that your point is not meritorious. I’m just saying, since it was possible in vanilla, it will be coming to classic, full stop, and all this debate on it is pointless.

Edit: However paid transfers were not implemented until quite late in vanilla. It’s unlikely we’ll see them before phase 6.

Speedskating? Knitting?

The issue is that even knowing how badly faction imbalance had become on most pvp servers in retail, they decided to do nothing.

The only time they could have done anything to prevent this was making clearly understood server rules before the first player rolled their first character on any server.

People could have accepted rules about faction-specific queues for a majority faction if it had started like this.


I never said any of this. If anything I’m saying that the populations are not stable because you have people there who don’t really want to be there. They’ll eventually leave, one way or another.

This is a fair request. I respect what you’re trying to have. What I’m saying is, why drag others into that who don’t want to be there?

I never said this.

Was it? This game was designed to be the casual alternative to games like EQ and FFXI. WoW was the baby casual game of 2004. I know because that’s why I eventually started playing. I played FFXI on PS2 before and just couldn’t get into it.

You’re not going to be able to keep people on servers they don’t want to be on forever. They’ll eventually reroll or quit.

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