Why are servers shutting down in 10 minutes?

oh woah cool :slight_smile: no prob I guess

Glad you saw it, only thing in my chat window was NPC dialogue, I know because I was reading it lol

haha that expansion has some hate.

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Imagine having literally all the time in the world. Being able to pick your deadline, having the capacity to push back that deadline, and still being naive enough to think that you can arbitrarily plot the release date of content you have no idea how long will take to create and then feeling aggrieved when your customers complain when you release a buggy, incomplete mess because you have poor project management and an inability to learn from your own history.




Known Issues – Dragonflight version 10.0.0 – Updated October 25 - Support / Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

  • Weapons that drop from all M+ sources, including the Great Vault, may have an incorrect item level.

Damn, that’s rough.

theres time yet… expect more of the same over the next week or so

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I did not realize it was that bad with Blizz I mean they seem good more or less

Why are servers shutting down in 10 minutes?

Why shouldn’t the servers be shutting down in 10 minutes? There, gotcha!

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To give us Evokers so we can play with them before launch!

the way its been today its possible some realms didnt get the warning.

There’s Grumbles!

-grabs my kidnap sack-

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The game is a total train wreck performance wise right now… Hopefully its a patch.


was actually set for 11 hours but went for about 10 hours… east side players have it rough… so i remember it well oof

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Source? My launcher just says “We will be performing emergency maintenance and the game will be unavailable during this time. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.” No time table is listed.


Such a good game!

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That would be nice, but Blizzard doesn’t do nice. I’ll settle with stability and general fixes though.

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All we wanted to do was have fun.

What is all this non-fun stuff going on all the time?

I don’t understand how Blizzard lost their way to this degree. The DMV is more fun than emergency maintenance on a pre-patch that didn’t even add the new race.

This is like burning down the kitchen trying to make PB&Js.


homecomingservers . com

I THINK on November 15th, you can make your Evoker and play around I think.