Why are night elf monks so few

You think with their racial passives and the shadow meld they would be much more popular. Heck even gnome monks are more popular

The real question should be “Why are Night Elf Monks so few?”

Increase the monk population and you will increase the Night Elf Monk population, but as it stands, there aren’t that many Monks.

Blizz needs to give more love to monks as a whole i agree. This has been a common agreement on the wow community.

Most NE are Druids. I think it’s more of a lore thing.

I actually made a NE monk a while ago and made his “story” as fighting and healing with Elune’s light. Was fun.

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The problem was that every time a Master asked their Kaldorei pupil to “be like the leaf in the wind” they would shapeshift into a leaf and get blown off the Summit.



Nothing good ever happens when this quote is involved


Ask your questions after they fix monks as a whole.

because druid

I have a…4 NE toons, DH, Druid, DK (F NE 2H animations for swords are amazing) and priest

My monk is VE

Monks are awesome, but blizzard needs to give them some lovin

Because druids are better at everything except progression raid tanking.

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We are out there, it is just monks as a whole are very under represented. But, we are out there :slight_smile:

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It’s great to finally have some confirmation. It’s been a tense three years.


You responded 3 years too late, OP’s character doesn’t even exist


I have one!

Night elves and any class ftw!

Sorry to approve of the necro :confused:


Noooooo why!!!

It took that long to find one lol. Honestly i was googling it, and it brought me here i felt bad so i had to post something.

I had to prove we are out there lol

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I’d go back to playing Monk if they would rework their high level and capstone talents. As it is, I just don’t like using all the statues, clones, pets, etc. I really don’t know why Blizzard thought being a weird summoner pet class was a good direction for Monk. I just want to punch and kick and land some sweet combos.


I still play it, but Agreed

I think that the decision usually goes class, then race, not race, then class.

Night Elves can be druids, which is traditionally limited, and are strongly associated to druids.

Any race can be a monk, and there is no association between that class and Night Elves.

I think that people usually choose the class first. I think more people intend to play druid, and as a result choose the night elf race, than the number of people who are intending to play a night elf, and then pick a class available to them.

So, a large portion of the night elf player population are night elves so that they can be druids. If they wanted to play a monk, they can be whatever they want.