Why are Alliance so bad at battlegrounds?

This is not meant to be an insult, just a general observation from someone who has toons on both factions. Why do Horde win 4/5 games that I play? (whether that be me playing horde or alliance). I know it is far more than ‘racials’… any serious ideas?

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Well, I just ended an AB on my [feral] elf-druid where the ‘Marshal’ Frost Mage couldnt LoS a T6 Hunter at the LM and raged at me in tells for not healing it – and it didnt even die because I was killing the Hunter.

Horde generally like to PvP more so they’re generally better at it.

The things I’ve seen some Alliance do, for each dumb thing I’ve seen a Horde player do in PvP I’m sure I’ve seen an Alliance do it in a moreso dumb way.

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I think this is a generalization…

What I have noticed is that due to the larger portion of horde that PvP you end up with larger pools of crap players. Alliance has a smaller population of pvpers so the odds of getting a highly skilled team are lower.

So you just have more numbers and probably less skilled in the total count.

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Because it’s almost guaranteed at least half of the team shows up in quest greens and about 6k health.
Then you tell them to charge BS against horde who are mostly decked out in S3.
It becomes a swift massacre and then we spend the rest of the bg losing every team fight, barely holding 2 bases. Horde get 25 minutes of HK farm.

One of my games yesterday had 1 resto in gear and 1 in blues. 13 dps, half in greens.
One healer cannot carry a whole bg of people that have 0 resil.

I get it, people need to play it to get the gear, but they queue with nothing at all expecting a full carry. I mean nothing. So I wonder what they are even spending honor on, some kind of gold farm? Certainly not gear.
These people have the world dailies and should limit it to AV, or at least pick up the blue rep set. My alt is over 300 resil in less than 2 weeks. People just aren’t aware of all available ways to get gear, or they don’t care. They probably leveled afk in an sp boost and now want to honor/mark farm while afk at stables.

It probably is that horde actually enjoy pvp.
So they show up prepared.

We also have the people in chat who say to give up as soon as we run out of the gate. Ruins morale and any chances we did have.


I don’t think it’s as lopsided as most think. You tend to notice losses more than wins. I think overall Horde have a slight win advantage, but I would be surprised if it were more than 60% with Ally at 40% on the average.

Just my own observation but Alliance doesn’t seem particularly adept at adapting strategies for different situations. It was something I became painfully aware of when I was grinding honor in AV for the off-set pieces for my bear.

Horde would go directly for Vann, ignoring towers and most GYs. With multiple tanks and healers in tow, they would separate the targets around Vann and the DPS would just nuke him down. Probably not even 5 minutes into the game and Vann was screaming. Meanwhile, Alliance is waiting for towers/GYs to cap while diddling their starfish on the little hill outside of Drek’s room.

I understand that capturing objectives means more honor but if the opposing faction finishes the game before you can even capture those objectives why not adjust your strategy and do precisely what the Horde is doing but obviously try and go about it quicker so that you can walk away with at least a little more honor?

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And also asking each other the entire time, who’s tanking.
Because apparently in 40 people the queue doesn’t give us any or nobody wants to.

The rush strategy is supposedly horde only, I don’t know.
But yeah, not right you can just burn Vann with all towers up.

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It just seems like nobody wants to defend, and the only people that do are afk.

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If you go to AV horde loses 4/5 games.

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Put yourself alone in front of 40 angry orcs, are you mad?

I agree this was true up until quite recently. I’d say for last month-ish Horde win most AV now too with the rush Vann strat a few posters have mentioned…and they win surprisingly quick. Lately I been happy to win 1 in 4 AV games as Alliance.

I have no idea what Horde side BG chat looks like but most games as Alliance it usually quickly devolves into 2 or more alphas barking contradictory insructions for contradictory strats. Some follow one strat, some follow the other and we all lose.


I despise the people who spout this mentality. If you’re not there to win it, you shouldn’t be in it.


because blizzard keep spoiling horde brats giving them everything.

so every1 good just roll horde


you forgot about the actual pvp racials advantage


Well, that is the reason that the Horde PvP more, I just thought it was a given but I guess I should’ve added that.

Simple, most PVPers rolled Horde in order to min-max because of racials. Alliance is the PVE and casual faction. Odds are the better PVP players will be Horde.

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