Why Amirdrassil?

Can someone explain to me why after running into issues with two world trees in the past 30 years alone, the Night Elves first idea for a new home was to make another tree.

There are locations on Kalimdor that could serve as a functional capital for the Night Elves that gives them a tie to their ancestral homes while not being a giant flammable piece of wood.

  • Dire Maul: Get rid of the ghosts and this is a perfect location for a capital, kill the Gordok king and it comes with free allies.
  • Moonglade: Malfurion already has strong ties to this location, it has the benefit of being very druidic without the con of being a tree.
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Relatively empty area, closest Horde capital is Thunder Bluff, and the Tauren are pracitally neutral.
  • Un’Goro Crater: Not Night Elven culturally, but a location with a strong tie to the Dream, as seen in the Emerald Nightmare raid. Barely any occupied land.

At the moment, Amirdrassil doesn’t even look like it could be lived on. Teldrassil at least had a large open area on the top that allowed for people to easily live there. Amirdrassil is just a big tree.


Because Elune sneezed out the seed this time and apparently that means the whole planet needs to care about it.

Non-cynical answer’s barely any different, though. There’s no real reason other than “Elune did this” as some sort of physical representation of “renewal”, which the game itself hasn’t even explained. I think it only exists as some sort of meta-replacement for the Teldrassil plot being as bad as it was, except the optics of it isn’t helping balm it over.


On a practical level it is because they have 0% interest in doing anything big with the old world right now, yet they wanted to address the homeless Kaldorei issue. So, they designed Amirdrassil into the dragon isle footprint from its inception. They could easily work it into their development process and kinda get three birds with one stone as it also served as both the 10.2 open world zone and the raid concept.

It isn’t going to be lived on. It is a Nordrassil style world tree, not a teldrassil one. It is going to pluck most of the land around itself and drag it into the big open area west of the Emerald Gardens.


That makes a lot more sense. That said, given that this is the Dragon Isles, I’m not sure that randomly inserting the Night Elves new home here is something that many people were wanting.


It was certainly not expected, though I do happen to notice now it does make them an awful lot closer to Quel’thalas for the Midnight Expansion…

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Do we know that the Night Elves’ new home is going to be there, if it’s not a livable tree?

But if it is: if the Dragon Isles become the new default starting zone, putting the Night Elf starting area there starts to make more sense. And the NEs always did pal around with dragons more than any other race.

Yeah, all the refugees from Stormwind seem to be pouring in there and are treating it as their new home.


This is my present guess as to what it will look like as a zone once it is all said and done.


I do wish they would do something with Moonglade. At least prior to the Shadowlands level squish, it was a great place for Druids to quickly teleport in to vendor some stuff off, if one didn’t have a yak or some other vendor mount. After the squish, you see it like once during the Dream way opening and now it’s a ghost town.


You meant Hyjal? Un’Goro would better serve as a location for troll druids to study the beasts in there. There is nothing for Nelves there.
Heck Winterspring could also be a nice place. I always liked to visit that zone.

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Wasn’t Nighthaven their capital before WoW? I never understood why everyone uprooted themselves and moved to Teldrassil in the first place.


That I believe was an RPG book thing and not actual lore. They do not seem to of really had a capitol or even a central government for the Long Vigil.

I figured Un’Goro would be a better blank slate for them while still carrying some druidic tie-in.

The biggest issue with Hyjal imo is that geographically, it is a horrible location for a capital city. Unless you pulled some Goblin-building techniques or filled in Ragnaras’s lava lake, there is not a single location big enough to house a capital city for the Night Elves.

Nelves pushed away Twilight Hammer just fine in Molten offensive campaign. And Hyjal is very good location because it’s located on top of the mountain. It’s incredibly difficult to attack places located on the mountain. Besides Nelves were meant to relocate there anyway.

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Amirdrassil will be basically for Teldrassil refugees while Northern Kalimdor is occupied by those living there I assume.

Why another world tree? You know, thats a thing I dont understand either, but World trees seem very important and this one seems to be more important than Nordrassil, being powered by Elune and the Winter Queen.

I know nordrassil was planted to hide the new well of eternity, But I’m unsure about the other world trees, but It seems their connection to the dream is important.

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I always thought that the night elves should have had major settlments in feralas to keep an eye on all the nearby threats in the area. The only excuse i can think of is that it is to far away from the world trees.

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They have that, its Feathermoon Stronghold

This is what I found straight off the WoWpedia:

“Nighthaven, the night elven capital, is located in the sacred Moonglade, on the slopes of Mount Hyjal. This city once held the largest concentration of night elves anywhere on Kalimdor. Massive trees, ancients, and many forest beasts fill the surrounding woods. Nighthaven has survived for centuries despite demon and undead attacks, and the night elves protect their home fiercely. The only current threat to it are deranged satyrs and feral furbolgs.”

I’m not sure how canon Warcraft: The Roleplaying game is, nevertheless, one would think it would be a much more logical spot.

I just thought feathermoon stronghold should have been bigger and felt abit more like darkshore. But i have not visited feathermoon since cataclysm so maybe i am misremembering how big it felt.

It’s a Night Elf thing. Fandral made a tree to make a new home for t he elves… When the Elves took in the worgen, what did they do? They made a tree for them in Darnassus.

In fact a proper night elf home is a… … living tree, reshaped using wisps or druidic magic without killing it. Maybe you need to stop by some night elf settlements… there are still some around, you know.

The Kaldorei aren’t even “homeless”. They have a home in literally all of Northern Kalimdor, as they have for thousands of years. During/After BFA, they shed blood, sweat, and tears to retake their lands from the Horde, canonically winning the Darkshore battlefront. If Blizzard moves them off Kalimdor, it is a massive disservice to the Kaldorei’s collective struggle to retake their lands. It is a huge slap in the face as the Horde loses nothing and gains everything from the war they committed genocide in. The Forsaken have reclaimed Undercity/Lordaeron, and now, if Amirdrassil is not on Kalimdor, the Horde gets free reign of the lands they committed genocide in. It’s honestly pretty disgusting that rewarding the Horde for genocide is even a possible option.