Why all the talk of removing afflicted affix?

When spiteful is far and away the most cancerous and anti-fun affix.

Spiteful is more anti-healer than Afflicted.

An oom healer that now has to deal with butt pulls created by shades seems way more annoying to deal with than the afflicted affix.


I agree. Spiteful is probably my least favorite affix right now. I can help cleanse all day, no problem…but I hate having to run from angry ghosts.


I dunno man. I LOVE afflicted. I consider it to be the replacement for explosive, and I HATED exploslive.

I think dungeons are at the point where there’s enough going on and affixes aren’t needed. Mobs recovering a large amount of their health no matter how much care you take in dropping sanguine just isn’t interesting.


Yeah getting down the Armored Mistral in Vortex Pinnacle to below 10% only for him to cast his big AoE channel in a sanguine pool and heal himself back up to 100% pretty much makes you not wanna do M+ for the rest of the week.

You already gave the mob an obnoxiously large health pool with no imminently deadly mechanics and now you’re going to add a mechanic where you possibly have to kill him/her multiple times over?

the M+ criticism is really opening the floodgates on all issues, i think the bleeding is getting to be too much for Blizzard to stop. The next couple patches are going to be very interesting.

Players will never stop complaining about something needing nerfed.

Content nerfs are universally praised, and players will praise them into a game that is impossible to have fun with and wonder what happened.

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ppl are drain from 7 year of mechanics that ruin fun, mistrial thing is beyond dumb, s1 thunder with stack mechanic overlap was stupid, blizz lets this crap go live, waste peoples time and no respect for it. were tired of it

You call spiteful more toxic because you have a toxic expectation of afflicted.

Afflicted should be removed, its awful and too awkward to deal with, people only want classes that can dispel and even then they expect the healers to get them all.

Incorporeal is an affix done far better since literally everyone can deal with it easily. Not sure why we have two similar affixes but one is just done extremely poorly.

Cries in warrior.

Ok yes there is a class thats underwhelming at it lol. Since it’s only one class I don’t really count it as an issue when you have 4 others that can and if people dont invite warriors because of that, they’re dicks.
Oh and you still have better odds finding a group during incorporeal than afflicted.

Spiteful is not as bad as afflicted, no.

Some classes cannot deal with afflicted at all, making it additionally hard to get any groups with them. It is pretty much impossible to get groups as a DPS DK during afflicted week.

You can fear them as long as you target them directly AFAIK

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Remove all affix IMO

I also agree. I dislike having to spend more time running away then actually healing people.

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It’s a long-azz cooldown of a talent I don’t want to take that can cause other mobs to be pulled that doesn’t even last long enough to cover a single spawn.

Stop standing in melee and use your CC and this problem goes away.

I like spiteful because a long time ago I was mocked for stating that one of a warriors utility is hamstring, yet I get nothing but thankyous when its the affix, and its baseline so no wasting a talent point.

Where did devs say they’re thinking of removing Afflicted?

Yes, stand so far away that I fall behind and can’t keep up. Use the cc I have that breaks almost instantly because everyone else attacks them. Works great lol

There are a few reasons:

1. Totem implementation

From a healer’s perspective, the Afflicted (and Incorporeal) affix goes against the modern healing setup. The vast majority of M+ healers (people who main M+ and care about their score) are using click casting. Either through an addon like Clique/VuhDo or through the official WoW settings, they don’t actually bind healing and dispel spells to their spellbar.

Both affixes are coded as totems. Historically this has been a major problem for healers that click-cast their heals and dispels. The most famous/vocal example is Resto Shaman and the Earth Elemental. The spec has been incredibly vocal about how backwards it is to heal or dispel totems - and the designers of Afflicted and Incorporeal are either ignorant of this problem or too lazy/busy to fix it.

The outcome is that healers have additional annoying changes to their setup, completely driven by lack of developer insight. It didn’t need to be this way, the developers were given immediate feedback on the very first week of PTR testing, and it fell on deaf ears.

2. Spec inequality

Some specs just cannot contribute to Afflicted. This makes certain specs undesirable for an entire week, depending on the groups and their goals.

Whatever you think about this problem, it was avoidable. Blizzard chose to ignore this issue, and that’s created animosity with the playerbase.

Spiteful honestly I hate more than afflicted.

Afflicted is easier to deal with, especially since half the classes in the game have an instant-cast dispel and even the tanks can dispel, whereas Incorporeal means cast times for CC and tanks can’t help due to casting while tanking means they can’t block/dodge/parry.