Why 8 hour maintenance?

They have to swap out the hamsters running the server infrastructure. It takes a few hours to get them to stay on the wheel during the day since they are nocturnal.


Most exciting thing ever tbh

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Authentic :wink:

That would make me happy. I’m still ticked from when they took it away!

To be fair to the OP Blizzard stated the week of the 10th and that in early December they would give us an exact timestamp. I haven’t seen any news from Blizzard since this post: Classic Content Unlocking in December

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fair enough. I interpret the week of the 10th as in when the week resets so like Tuesday. But anything can happen for sure.

I believe Diremaul opened on a tuesday as well.

The “honor” system seems like a more unusual thing since it’s not like new instanced content it just turns honor on.

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prayers for keyring

Halo is what i will be doing!

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Because keyrings are super hard to code, thats why.

What are BGs?

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Bags brosif

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halo <3333

Weren’t Bgs already in the 1.12 client? I imagine they’re just allowing entry to them at this point?

It’s probably more based on the honor Calc bug?

Dont get me too excited, but I dont know if 8 hours is enough for that.

It’s better if you don’t know.

Don’t you wish you majored in Computer Science, so you would know?

What does a layman’s time estimate mean? Nothing.

They have to train the new squirrels.

They are going to test BGs, not just assume that everything works. Which do you prefer? A completely untested one that gets fixed next week? Or a BG that actually works? It’s 1 hour for the testing and 7 hours to fix any problems they find.

Penguin? I order a pizza!

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I would assume so.

Not sure about the horde side, but randomly after maintenance day since the game launched the battlemasters are either present or missing. Depends on the week. Sometimes you go to SW keep and they are there, sometimes they aren’t.

Warmode maybe

Yes, they were, but they’re not in the modern client, which is what we’re using.

I’m the same, everything was always released on a Tuesday until they put the honor system into classic. Now I’m just confused.

Could be someone keeps stubbing their toe on something in a server room and got union backing on it being a safety concern, so they need to totally reorganize stuff and with breaks and everything it will just take most of the day to do it.