Who is ready for a fresh server!

Is there enough demand for a fresh server? Zg bwl open, no layering and its own battlegroup. Who is in???


About 2% of the playerbase, apparently. It’s not nearly as popular an idea as pirate server folks would have you think.


The vocal support of a fresh server isn’t as big as you think. Many players who are still here probably don’t want to drop months of work they have put into their characters.

If they did join the server it might be temporary just for the leveling experience then go back to their original character instead of farming MC again.


Oh yes. Fresh servers where I can lose all the previous work I put in, my hand of rag and my 2 60s. What fun.


Come join the discussion. We have some suggestions for HOW to launch a fresh server that I think you might like.

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That is a good point and to be expected. Even so that doesn’t bother me!

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serious question, why do we need fresh servers when there are sereral servers with low populations? why dont you fresh server players go take over one of those empty servers and make that your new home? What is the difference between a server with no one on it and one that blizzard just opened? rhetorical question, and the answer is nothing really.


Not only no, but hell no.

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I still play my main server. It be fun to play on a fresh server while i wait for raid resets. I got a sgc and now find not alot of reason not to raid log. Lvling alts on old server doesnt seem fun. I rerolled twice on fresh servers in vanilla and it was alot of fun. Zg phase best time to start over.


They want to relive the leveling experience when the entire server is doing the same which is the only good part of Vanilla. Some probably bored of the endgame on their main or want a second chance to be the top dog cause they ended up a nobody.

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I completely agree!
Also in light of the TBC ‘leaks’ we are going to have massive server turmoil after Naxx with large percentages of the population leaving (creating ghost towns) when all the players go through the portal into TBC. Fresh servers could be presented as a “This will be Classic FOREVER” as an example of ‘up front’ announcements for server launches.
We should include this in our conversation of ‘fresh’ servers imo

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But you can do that easily by organizing that kind of event, start a forum community here and get everyone that wants a fresh server experience to MAKE that happen on a dead server. Its not hard, just gotta be willing to put in the work to get that community established. You dont need blizzard to hold your hand to get that started you can do it now. Make your own fun, stop asking for guard rails.

Big difference. I did it twice in vanilla and is alot of fun with no 60s power lvling and just the affects on the ah. On a low pop server there still be a few guilds controlling. No race to 60 and server dominance.

If the realm is dead and there is basically no one there and according to the forums that exists, then why not organize that, get a community going of your own of like minded people? Make your own fun, you dont need blizzard to hand hold, just do it.

You need fresh. Old server still has lots of issues from people on it. Just think the race to rank 14 pvp when bgs start at 20. I think there are alot of people be up for it. We have 9 layered servers. I am sure we can pull a server of people from those servers and only the top 3 would need layering.


private servers went fresh because their players wanted it. lightshope said it was necessary to keep their core players going for another year

Bring it forth.

We shall name it: Kaivax

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Then they should open a fresh server.

they did that, a few times

they shut down when classic released for various reasons. there are definitely people that want fresh servers, apparently that isnt you

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but I dont understand why it needs to be a new server, it makes no actual difference if there are a spattering of existing level 60’s if your reason for playing is the leveling experience. Also I dont understand why one of the existing dead servers cant do this thing for you since the aq gates are not open, and even if you got a fresh server it would probly be launched at whatever phase we are on right now because blizzard min maxes everything. in other words they take the path of least resistance just like lazy players do.