Who is proud to play on whitemane?

I think there is nothing wrong with being proud to come from a particular server. True, it may not be our direct accomplishment to simply happen to be playing on one server, but we can still appreciate our own culture and values and the people who play here. While many people deny this, there are actually very substantial and provable differences between server populations


Although I am not sure about proud… Whitemane is clearly the best server, because it is the one I chose, and that is in no way a biased opinion!

I enjoy having a home on Whitemane, though there is a lack of vibrant urban diversity

On my tombstone I want it to say, I play World of Warcraft on the server of Whitemane

Whitemane was a solid gamble that paid off - I wish the alliance was a little less raid-loggy, but it be what it be.

I fckn love this server.

This server had a binding drop for me on my Bday, I can never leave now.

It’s OK to be Whitemane

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i had a little pride for being on tich since launch. Whitemane has alot of og server ppl so i guess theres a lil pride eh

Whitemane is the best server!

I hate it, these que times suck and causing me not to play.