Who is keeping an eye on the Scourge?

Good morning all. While we are waiting on the new expansion to drop soon in 2024 I was wondering who is keeping an eye on the Scourge? I know that ever since leadership has changed to who keeps them in check in Icecrown while we fight the now downed Fyrakk, Congratulations to who all has done the fight. Who is going to emerge from Icecrown to terrorize the world?

I am new posting to the forums but I have played for quite a number of years. There always needs someone or thing to keep them from overruning the world. There is no check now since Shadowlands. Since we are fighting the Harbinger and the new Nerubians, someone tends to wonder because the Scourge are part of the world too. Will they pop up when least expected or wanted or can they possibly be the turning tide when Midnight starts because apparently there will be a lot of new dead people who the Scourge can harvest? Just a thought guys…stay frosty.

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