Who is Baradin?

Is it a person, human ethnicity? Like, so many human things are named after “Baradin” but there’s no lore info on who this is?

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I’m not sure but I would guess the name comes from Stormguarde. As the nation ruled over Tol’Barad and the Baradin holde, before the Second War.


Really? I only remember the island. I figure it’s just some ominous sounding name for a prison.

I assume it comes from Tol Barad rather than a person named Baradin. Baradin Hold is the prison on Tol Barad, Baradin Bay is the bay Tol Barad is in, etc.

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Interesting and sounds close to right. Tol Barad is an area. Baradin describes something of that area. The math works out.

But that makes me wonder about “Barad”. Who or what is “Barad”? And then Tol Dagor… who or what is “Dagor”? Does “Tol” mean “island”, sort of like an atoll?

I always figured the Baradin name came from the family, as there is a Duke Reginald Baradin II mentioned in lore.

The Baradin Wardens, which this Duke is mentioned as having led once, did exist outside of the Alliance as it’s said the Wardens joined the Alliance.


You mean Tol Barad the isle or the Person who is the Leader of Stromgarde from the past?

Was Baradin a leader of stromgarde? I can’t find any info on him.

For all I know Tol Barad is pretty much a Island during the Second War and I think Baradin Wardens might be the Faction name.

I guess look up the Island and see the History. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Tol_Barad

We only know of one man with the last name Baradin, and he was a Duke, not a king. He has no lore besides having once led the Wardens.

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