Who has had success w/ Vengeance in PVP?

Speaking about all types. BGs, Arena, RBGs, World PVP, etc. Have any of you guys put serious effort into making Vengeance work in PVP, and if so, what were the results? Appreciate the conversation!

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I’m not the best by any means, but I have a lot of fun playing as the FC for my RBG team. This is my first season running DH in PVP coming from bear. It was a huge learning curve teaching myself to kite instead of just sitting and absorbing damage.

I think VDH could have promise in arena with the CC options we have, but the problem is finding somebody to do it with you. I’ve tried it a few times in skirmish and it was fun. I had fun in solo a couple times minus the grief from the people that hate tanks queuing.

WPvP is amazing if it’s 1v1 or even 2v1. Once you have much more than that you have to kite to live through the damage, which means you’re not doing much damage at that point and it just gets dumb since a lot of your self healing comes from the damage you do.

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WTB ban on tanks in PvP

I understand why you’d feel that way given the way balance works in WoW, but it really sucks for folks that only like playing tanks. I’m not one of those folks, but I feel for them.


WTB ban on healers in PvP


What does the build look like to do the most damage while still being tanky?

Blood DK in BGs is really fun (not a flag carrier) because it can take on anything, is there a VDH spec that is similar?

Theres a few builds ive used. There is the obvious tanky, fc, path. Then one that splits off for more damage based talents at the cost of the less useful defensive talents. The generally 2 main dps styles that allow for viable playstles. One requires sigils and using then appropriately for a great amount of cc and burst. The other relies more on spreading fiery brands around. To many peoples suprise, as a vengeance in 2s, i nearly always match or beat other dps. Currently, only playing vengeance im at ~1950 rating and rising. That is without any partners and taking anyone who will give playing 2s with a vengeance a chance. It make take a while to understand how to maximize damage and learning the best usages for sigils. But playing only vengeance dh this season has been very fun for me


Average Hpal could dps you down on that ret of yours. That comment was directed at your gear, not your skill. Full 440+ on ret, you wouldn’t be saying that.

thanks for this. I checked out your character and the gearing looks the same as havoc, which is nice