Who else strongly agrees there MUST be a quest line about reviving Arthas' soul or it'd kinda be a big mistake?

The words above say it all. “Character with soul gets soul deleted” is a story move I hate.


Arthas’s soul disappearing might be the only Shadowlands thing I don’t hate, if taken in a vacuum. I always saw his ending as one that was intended to lead to damnation, and restoring him would go against that. I wouldn’t want his soul revived for that reason.


I don’t like the concept of soul destruction, but I don’t know how his soul could be revived without breaking lore.


Oh, good. Then I can flatly reject it.

I thought there might be more to the thread in the OP. Some reason, perhaps. Nope. Just more Arthas ankle rocking - like some love sick mongrel cur.

Um, souls are currency and fuel in this universe.

Fart-gas (as Arthas is now called - by me ) is lucky he had Sylvanas monologuing while Jaina and Anduin sighed like the perfect Alliance Angels Blizzard intends them to be.

Be gone, Fartgas.


Perhaps with one of the A’dal and some time dragons.

Arthas died when he said he sees only darkness before him.

I’d very much like to forget the entirety of Shadowlands


I don’t know what Adal could do.

I don’t think time dragons can use their abilities in the Shadowlands. There’s only one timeline there since souls from all timelines converge into one.

Arthas is one character who doesn’t need a redemption. Being reduced to a poof is a perfectly fine ending. Just let him be a villain who’s not gonna come back. We don’t need another Legion Illidan.


I hate the concept of soul destruction too…and I agree Arthas’ fate in Shadowlands was beyond stupid (having him be the battery in the blade controlling Anduin, sure…that at least explained him looking like the walmart version of Arthas >_>, but when the blade broke his soul should’ve just been sent to Revendreth to sit in a cage for a few aeons (or at least let him have some interaction with you know…the woman who actually loved him and felt major guilt that maybe she could have done more to prevent him from falling instead of giving Sylvanas all the screen time.

But if we’re going to save someone from soul deletion, I vote Ursoc first ;…;


And as I said before Wrath’s ending for him was open ended enough that people who wished he ended up in a better place(like Jaina or Muradin) could think so and Sylvanas can choose to be believe he ended up in hell or whatever.

And I think you are wrong. Or at least Wrath had the infinately better ending of not making it explicit:

I personally hope Sylvanas ends up finding some small fragment of him somewhere in the Maw and will be forced to decide, either give Arthas the chance at redemption and send said soul fragment to Pelagos or destroy it and be denied her own redemption.


That’d make for pretty good short story material.

I’m not sure how that contradicts what I said.

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I’m saying this while you are free to think his end was suppose to lead to damnation, I(and characters like Jaina and Muradin) were free to assume killing might have freed him from the curse of Lich King/ultimately freed his soul. That Wrath was vague enough that either interpretation was valid.

Zoovy should’ve had the Lich King persona locked up in a millionty billionty cells because he is utterly incapable of destroying the entity, and is only able to seal it away. The Lich King should be a force that Death can’t be rid of, an enemy (see: not Bolvar) that can’t be allowed to escape.

This gives both camps fair ground. Those who don’t want the Lich King entity (see: not Bolvar) to be a big story beat will be pleased. Those who like the Lich King entity can be pleased because he’s still being treated respectfully. I mean, Zoovy himself is scared of him. That’s cool.

Honestly Arthas’ story rather directly addressed the possibility of redemption. He rejected it. He deliberately cut out the parts of himself that were worthy of redemption and cast them aside. That Arthas we killed on top of Icecrown Citadel was everything about him that couldn’t be redeemed, and that’s what got intercepted by Uther and Devos.

While it may be nice to ponder that the portion of himself he expelled could still exist elsewhere in some form (probably not in Azeroth since Tirion destroyed the heart), that was never a “complete” Arthas. It was a portion he did away with as a perceived weakness. He was a person of flaws and virtues, and the flaws won out, to the point of forcibly ejecting the virtues from his person.

What Uther cast to the Maw was what we killed in WotLK, and that was the worst parts of Arthas, which by his own volition had come to be the totality of him. If the rest exists “out there” and we ever meet it, it wouldn’t even be the Arthas we knew, because he was never just that good person. He was always either the good and bad together (as in the duality of potential for both with people in general), or just the bad once he cut out and threw away the good.

Even with something like Revendreth that poses a problem, because if someone deliberately chops out and throws away their human capacity for empathy, humility and doubt, that basically amounts to erasing the avenues by which one can self-reflect and atone. Such a soul will have rendered itself functionally incapable of recognizing its own wrongs as such.


we can rebuild him

The Arthas story is over… time to move on.

He got the end he so justly deserved, a prince driven by his ego from the start had his ego reduced to nothing. His end could not be more fitting.


He died a fart cloud and it should remain that way. While he was a great character, Arthas a was a spoiled prince prone to fits of anger or jealousy when someone dared to tell him No.

He didn’t like listening to his far more experienced teachers/friends on certain matters, etc.

I don’t get the obession with wanting to bring him back. It’s a little weird to me. But that’s me


**** no. His story is perfect the way it is. You can only make it worse by trying to continue it at this point.

And I’m glad Blizz went with the soul erasure, so they’d never be tempted to try it.


I don’t feel particularly strongly about Arthas, but I agree with this.

It was perfect before SL. They screwed up by having him show up in that expansion at all.