Who else is hoarding grays?

Anyone else stockpiling gray and white armor and weapons in preparation to transmog them? My poor overstuffed bags… banks… gbanks…


My new belfadin has hoarded the starting and leveling white quality paladin gear, plus the other white qual drops from the starting zones, but I haven’t bothered with grey quality stuff.

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I’m guessing that since greys and whites don’t bind, there’s going to be a resale market for them on the AH? That would be kind of sweet, you could buy a gray, get the appearance, and resell it, theoretically collecting gray appearances at no cost and minimal effort.

I heard this as a rumor but was vendor trash actually confirmed to be getting added to the transmog catalogue in DF?

It’s confirmed and it might even occur before DF! (Although it does say “a lot” of white and gray items will be added to the transmog system… not a promise that every last white or gray will be added).


I’ve been completing Grey sets now for a few years, (I’m a WoW Hoarder) and hold them on my Grey Set Banker, Rastis. It’s getting more expensive now to find the last few pieces in all the sets.

I have most now, though, and lots of grey weapons, many with funny flavour text. (Which I love!)


What is the best method to check to see which greys/whites are unique appearances (and thus not shared with greens or blues)?

I wish I knew of a way to check in game for gray/white unique appearance. I use CanIMogIt and it will tell me with a mouseover tooltip if I already have the appearance of a gray. But if I don’t yet have the appearance, it doesn’t tell me where else the appearance might be available (quest, world drop, etc… although it will tell me howsabout I got the appearance if I have it already). So the CanIMogIt addon is a little bit useful for this, because if I already have the appearance I don’t necessarily need to keep that gray (although I’m keeping them anyway because I want as many names in my transmog collection as possible… I know this is silly but I also know I’m not the only one!)

I check the Wowhead “Same Model As” tab to find out whether an item has a shared appearance. It’s a lot of tabbing back and forth, and it’s also not always clear whether it’s an identical appearnace, because the “Same Model As” includes color variations, and style variations such as sleeveless and sleeved on an otherwise similar shirt. I guess the “model” applies to something technical about the code for the item because to me those variations are not the “same.”

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It’s needed

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