Who do you think will be part of the Dragonscale Expedition?

Surely the Reliquary and Explorers’ League won’t be the only faction representatives in the Dragonscale Expedition.

Horde-side, I suspect at least a Zandalari detachment will partake in it, due to their skills at sea and the Primordial Trolls thing. I could see the Goblins making up for an important part of the crew, if only to set up outposts in a very short space of time. I guess the Shal’dorei’s telemancy skills will be needed.

I think the Taunka might return too, given how the Dragon Isles seem to be connected to Northrend in several ways. Beyond that, I’d love to see the Mag’har, Hozen, Revantusk and Ogres join the expedition ; the Unshackled could make an appearance as well, after all they were last seen on the shores of Orgrimmar at the end of BFA…


Speaking of the Reliquary, I’m fully expecting Salandria to serve as a guard for Reliquary members as they investigate and stuff, especially since she was reintroduced in 9.2.5. And though Dornaa didn’t feature, the fact is that she is Salandria’s counterpart so I lowkey expect her to be with the Explores’ League.

I fully expect the Primordial Trolls thing to ensure that both the Zandalari and Darkspear have a presence.

That would be neat and could have a great moment where we get to see the Tauren, Taunka, and Highmountain Tauren work together.


I don’t really want Night Elves to be written by the current writing staff. But most likely they’d be there in some capacity, because their bond with the dragons pre-dates the Shattering, but then for 10,000 years after they formed their entire new culture around the job Alex, Ysera and Nozdormu gave them. Tho tbh a Dragon Isles equivalent to the Cenarion Expedition would probably fit that stuff better.

Dwarves probably the bulk of the actual explorer’s league aspect of it because of their lore obsession.


We also saw Dryads hanging aroung some outpost on one of the screen shots, and I doubt that they’re natives, so yeah

Won’t be surprised to see Ji there talking about punching dragons, and Aysa there just to stand there. Nomi will probably show up, if for no other reason than for dragons to marvel at his power over fire, his ability to burn that which cannot be burned.


Nomi the honorary black dragon


Are you sure the Reliquary are going to be part of the expansion? I have seen Explorers League show up quite a few times with Reliquary missing. Is it still active? or is it put on the shelf like so many horde organizations.

I think blizz confirmed both groups will definitely be showing up and will be the main groups showing us around the island from what I can recall


That would be great. It is beyond annoying at this point working for the other faction.


Both factions realistically shouldn’t be interacting with each other after everything that went down. It’ll be healthier for the game if blizz starts putting a divide between both factions again :cow:


I think the Dark Iron will continue thier antagonistic relationship with The Reliquary. The Dark Iron seem like they are being set up for something.

I’m also really hoping for some Trag Highmountain content. With the worshipers of Galakrond as antagonistic forces in DF I can see him popping up.


It be cool to see some more tauren lore in DF in general. Since we know they were the first to befriend Cenarius and presumably the dragons first. Being one of the elder races of azeroth, would be cool to see what the very first tauren looked like. Since the Dragon Isles seems to be the home for a lot of the primal versions of the races we know today


We know the dragons were before the wota more distant/a little bit hostile toward mortal races and preferred to stay among themselves

Talking about afterwards. When the tauren were still nomads and just before their race split and developed into the different sub races we know today

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Zekhan show up again. He’s being groomed to be a Horde ambassador, so rubbing elbows with the dragonflights would be good experience for him.

Not to mention there will be elemental trolls, Zekhan is a troll shaman – the story writes itself!

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