Who could I contact to be a bit more professional on this?

I know this is a long shot, but I do currently work in Software QA for another gaming company, I am a huge Warcraft fan, but while I have stayed Subbed to BFA even tho I haven’t been playing it I would love to get the opportunity to test and really sink my teeth into the classic beta, while this is my second account, born at the end of BC I have been playing since 2004 and have experience in finding bugs in older games being brought up to today’s systems. Just throwing my hat out there given I was not lucky enough to get a first phase key and I am not an online wow personality. Sorry if this seems a bit ridiculous to put into these forums, not my intention to annoy or incite I just want to do my part for Classic and help make it as great as I know it can be. Basically Im a professional QA tester offering up my free time to give you as many high-quality bugs as possible.

No one, I’m afraid. Regarding beta access, everyone follows the same criteria for a chance at being drawn. It is likely that there are people out there who are further-qualified than you are that also did not get an invite from this wave.

You can only wait and hope for the best.


Yeah, just thought id throw this out there maybe a Blue will see it and can help out. I really enjoy breaking Blizzards games. Makes them better in the long run. I’ve got my fingers crossed would love to help but if it doesn’t happen its only 4 months away. Just hope the people who do get in are actually testing and submitting bugs. I love halo testing random things in the mmos because usually its caused by something you would never guess lol.

Just to reiterate as long as u opt in for teh beta thats the best you can hope for no one here can grant you acess we get all sorts of people asking for beta access RNG is RNG.


Yeah, I know just being hopeful lol knew it was a heavy long shot, but I can still help. Going to write up a guide on Bug writing and post it on the reddit and forums hopefully it can help those who get in and actually want to bug and test to make it better.

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It was said in the Classic forum and the Beta forum:


No one has been rude to me in the post. Im sure everyone understands the excitement of the beta. I knew this would not happen this way, i just wanted to try. I appriciate that you would let me know people might get insulting but i onew that making thebpost and am happy to say no one has yet.


Glad to hear that you are happy and have gotten some help :slight_smile: