Who are we being merged with this time?

Ghostlands & Kael’thas are slated to be merged with someone(s). It is on the Breaking News tracker of character selection, but I can’t find any information on which server will join us via Google. Does anyone have an idea?

Best guess is that it will happen week of September 24th?

My friends have better Google-fu than I do.

*Ghostlands and Kael’thas will be connected to Grizzly Hills, Lothar, Malfurion, Trollbane, and Gnomeregan this Thursday, September 17th (servers down for maintenance most of the day).

Moonrunner has been forgotten! Moonrunner and Gnomeregan is a long time connection. So hopefully Blizzard remembers to include it in the final result, or my guild will go splash :stuck_out_tongue:

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