Whitemane Horde Guild <and friends> 54/54 Uld 5/5H TOGC Tues/Wed: 9:30pm - 12:30am

< and friends > has been around since the start of classic and cleared all content pre nerf usually within the first couple weeks of release. A good amount of us are still the same and have picked up new friends over time.

Currently in need of a Holy Paladin and a Resto Shaman

Raider Expectations:
Raid days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a potential clean up night on Mondays if necessary for progression
Optional 10 man raids will be depending on raider availability.
Raids will be at 9:30. That means we start pulling at 9:30, not make our way there at 9:30. Invites will start at 9:00 with everybody inside the raid by 9:20.
We will be completing every raid meta achievement and hard mode so everybody will be expected to pull their own weight.
You will be expected to have full consumes during the entirety of a raid night. This includes trash and bosses.
All gear should be always be properly gemmed, enchanted, and modified depending on your professions.
We will post strategies as much as we can but you are expected to know the basics of every fight before we get there.
Be positive. We have managed to be mostly drama free over the last 4 years.

Loot Rules:
We use RC Loot Council addon and do all of our main raid loot through Loot Council based on attendance, performance, largest upgrade for raid, and recent loot history.

Please contact in game or in Discord:
Dirv @ Dirv#8313
Tokioshift @ jdubbz13#8538
Leiaonhands @ Winterfressh#0703friends