Whitemane & Fairbanks Server Discords

He’s totally right though, I mean just look at this authoritarian regimes rules:

  1. Content should relate to things on or about the Whitemane realm or WoW Classic.
  2. Be civil and respectful. Do not attack or harass other users; engage in hate-speech; or attempt to gate-keep discussion. No trolling or spamming is allowed.
  3. No witch hunts or brigading. Don’t encourage others to harass individuals or organizations either within or beyond this community.
  4. Do not share or encourage the use of exploits, cheats, private servers, or other illicit game behavior.
  5. No real world politics or religion.
  6. No NSFW content outside of #neckbeards
  7. Avoid knowingly misinforming the community.

If you’re into safe spaces and personal pronouns, join us Comrades! Over 300 strong now!



based this is why I never will enage in discords and stay inside wow.

nice allegations knowing nothing about that other server and the creator. He wants nothing to do with the reddit leadership, nor does that server have any rules about PC behavior

That’s literally how layering works. People seem to be super confused about this. It’s an overflow system if there are too many players you get placed into a new cup. If you are on a low pop server, it does not mean that it will be empty, it just means you won’t have as many layers.

Yes I’m aware of the cup conceptual model.

On low population servers, having the number of layers toggling between one layer, and, say, two layers where one of the layers is partially full, will be unnecessarily disruptive. Just disable it, create a unified world. If there’s a bit more competition for resources because there are no layers, so be it.

I’d imagine the way this is setup is to have some leeway between opening a new layer. so if one layer reaches say 150% ideal capacity, it would dump the 50% into a new layer. But who knows?

You know I never ever have to consider whether a public forum has speech restrictions because I’m an adult who know how to behave.

Yeah I think that is closer to what is happening.

There are some videos of folks on the beta having thought they just cleared a pack of mobs, and suddenly having a half dozen mobs spawn around them again, as if they were dumped into another layer.

Blizz has also confirmed that dynamic respawns were in the original game. I haven’t seen the video you mentioned but it’s possible that the respawn was shorter due to the amount of people in the zone. Layering does have some downsides but I’m pretty confident that it will toned down after launch especially on the low pop server.

The game isnt even active and already all this nonsense. Good grief…

They were. Memories of Timbermaw farm groups…

EDIT: Oh come on, why was a two week old thread in my suggestions >_<

Your invite has expired and I know I wasn’t banned because I never joined it before.