Whisper after block

Why is it that someone can ignore/report me and then keep whispering me? I had a player that tried to give me advice and i nicely told him/her why i did what i did. He proceeded to insult me in whisper after the dungeon. When i went to reply, he was “offline”, I assume because he ignored or reported. He then whispered me several more times. I attempted to reply again and he was still “not playing”.

Why is it that someone can harass you like that?

I don’t think that’s the message you’d get if you’d been put on /ignored.

The message was alone the lines of “there is no player by the name ____ playing”. He whispered me several times moments after i got that message.

Were they from a different server? When you’re grouped in a dungeon, I believe you can whisper them without adding a server name, but once the group has been disbanded, that no longer works. You then get that message, because it’s looking for someone with that name on your server.


We were in a dungeon. This was after we had both left, and I was using /r so I would think that would get around the different server. My replies listed his realm like “/w Pleasehelpme-Bleeding Hollow …”

Whatever. I’ll chalk it up to user error. I already reported him for harassing me with insults for no reason after we left.

When being harassed by another player, it’s important that you do not respond to them as that can be used by them as a “just a conversation” defense. Friends often say terrible things to one another in a conversation that would not be tolerated if told to another person.

Just ignore them and move on.
If they bypass the ignore by logging in on another toon, getting their friends involved, etc. their offense becomes one of deliberately circumventing Blizzard policies and procedures and you can then submit a support ticket under “Ongoing Harassment”.


If someone has put you on ignore you will get a message back that this person has you on ignore and you can not message them!


Not if they’re on another server. It simply says “There is no one named ‘<Name>-<Server>’ online.”