Whirlwind Axe, Mace, or Sword for Human Warrior?

If i am a human warrior is it worth it to get the mace / sword over the axe? I know the axe is overall better but with the human mace / sword specilization bonus i was wondering if those are better for humans.

Well yeah Mace is nearly as slow as the axe so yeah the racial does help you hit your targets better with it.

Could be worth. The sword is just too fast though.

It depends on your spec.

If you’re 2h Fury, the sword is best.
If you’re Arms, the mace is best.
If you’re Arms, but not human, the axe is best.


iv heard even if ur 2h fury the slowest wep is better which would be the axe. Also need to consider once I hit 40 i will be switching from fury to arms spec to use mortal strike, and will most likely still use this weapon deep into my 40s.

Just spec with whatever ur best weapon is. After 20-25% crit without talents I would go sword spec (can use hand of justice trinket as well).

Im talking about like the human passive racial which increases swords and maces by +5

The correct answer is orc.


Weapon skill isn’t that big of a deal while leveling. The main benefit of weapon skill at 60 is reducing damage lost to glancing blows. You shouldn’t be fighting mobs that cause glancing blows while leveling.

Still I would probably take the mace. The 5 weapon skill is still worth something like .2 hit and .2 crit which is probably enough to make it better. Honestly I would just pick the one you like the look of the most.

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Axe is the best weapon if you are going Arms, which I recommend.

https://www.warcrafttavern.com/talent-calculator/?talent=11215875_1_82031502135201g5zh till level 39.

Respec at 40, https://www.warcrafttavern.com/talent-calculator/?talent=11215875_1_80332502135201d31zj

Level 59 https://www.warcrafttavern.com/talent-calculator/?talent=11215875_1_80332502135201d3155c0131004x

and at 60 respec to w/e u want. You want to be lvling with the best weapon u have so I wouldn’t take any weapon specs talents until 60. Gg have fun.

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If I play my gnome warrior, I’ll likely go 2H whatever. I think a sword or axe would be awesome for a gnome, but a hammer just doesn’t seem my style for a gnome.

Axe, even if you’re a human.


I’m pretty sure slam wasn’t normalized so the axe is best at that level. If you can afford it, The Pacifier was a BoE 2h Mace you could get off the AH with a speed of 4.00 that only requires level 32. Pendulum of doom at 39.

Definitely the axe even if human, although I wouldn’t bother with this axe as alliance due to the bone biter axe being just around the corner and much easier to obtain.

Reason for the axe is axe specialization in arms is just incredibly good.

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