Whiners Rejoice!

Yeah…that’s the post I’m quoting.

I don’t see BWL mentioned.

He’s a horde on Herod. You already know the answer : /

because they’re pushing phase two out before a month even passed via releasing bwl early 2020. why drop time into a game when it’ll be done and over with so they can roll out shadowlands

led us down to the most popular MMO by a long shot for 15 consecutive years?

sounds good.

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That would be nice, but I doubt it. Sorry that FP camping won’t be as plentiful. Suppose you’ll have to test the waters in an environment where both sides have equal numbers. Best of luck

It’s right here:

I think people are lumping the two together, though. BWL might not release until late march, and it would still be “early 2020”.

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No but CRBG’s certainly drove one of the nails into the coffin.

I think he’s just mad that shadowlands will kill off classic for good when it comes out. To think classic is anything other than a stop-gap between bfa and shadowlands is laughable.

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Hemorrhage players is laughable.

And as far as playing the game you paid for, you paid for it, chose pvp realm, yet don’t like what’s happening on a pvp realm. There’s nothing done against the ToS, you have no ground to stand on with your complaint other than you don’t like it.

You made your bed, lie in it, don’t come here trying to force change because of your decisions.

“Blackwing Lair and Darkmoon Faire are coming in early 2020”

BWL will probably be out late january/early feb…

6 weeks from launch to DM release.

12 weeks from launch to full phase 2/world bosses.

They’re rolling out BG’s early because of the problems that honor camping is creating in world. We expected this. Perhaps not so immediately soon… But the world is impossible to do much in for alliance players. I enjoy camping them, but I can see the frustrations.

Original launch of BG’s was 6 weeks after honor was announced.

Having it launch 4 weeks after honor is right on schedule…

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So you’ve gotten bad rng and that means the game is turning into retail?

Ok logic bro.

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litterally has nothing to do with anything i said. thanks for your contribution.

Exactly this.

How disappointing! Blizzard just caters to the QQ’ers. Who cares that people are ditching their Horde to reroll Alliance and take part in the GREATEST wPVP EVER, let’s just steamroll through this content!

The whiners did it by unsubbing, and demanding change! Time for the rest of us to do the same.

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Yeah, that’s what I mean. I know it’s coming, I’m just unsure if that guy I quoted initially thinks it’s coming out with BGs.

Pretty sure BWL and BGs were part of Vanilla, and wanting something in Vanilla means wanting something in Vanilla.

Right? I cant imagine not just living in the moment of a game and being worried about another games release.

Fair or not people said it wasn’t fun for them and if it wasn’t changed they would stop playing. Blizzard looked at it’s numbers and what they saw convinced them these weren’t just idle threats from a small number of people. The numbers convinced them to do something, not the forum complaints.

BWL in 2020 was always a part of the plan. I think you’re just reading what you want from that blue post.
Honestly, you’re clearly upset that the forum whiners won in the end, but you realize how hypocritical it would be for you to say that, so you are trying to make this about something else.

Now if only you hadn’t spent the last few days trolling the alliance players on the forums. Maybe you wouldn’t be feeling the way you are.

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ROFL… If you think shadow lands will fix modern wow you’re on some seriously potent medication.

I am by not means claiming Classic is perfect, but it’s 100X a better game than Shadowlands will be.

The reasons are too numerous to count.

The number 1 reason why Shadowlands will not be “Great” is very simple. Modern WoW development team coupled with just awful game play mechanics (not just the classes them selves).

Classic has problems, but Modern wow makes Classic problems look like minor annoyances.