Which servers are connected in War Mode?

Is there a way to find out which servers I’m connected to during War Mode? Currently I only seem to be connected to a few of the same ones so I feel like there’s some kind of invisible “battlegroup” list somewhere. I want to go outside of Org/SW and run into people from different servers. How would I do that?


You are connected to Cenarius, Cairne, Perenolde, Frostmane, Ner’zhul and Tortheldrin.

This is who you will see most of the time. I’m going off memory here since I’m in this group, but you can easily Google this.

The reason I made this thread is because I’m always seeing people from servers not in your list. I constantly run into people from Tichondrius but I want to change that. Maybe “connect” was the wrong word to use. This must be some kind of “cross realm” bs, idk. I need a solution.

Oh that’s a given, no matter where you are. I’m not sure what the explanation for that is.

You’re seeing different players from the servers not on his list because that list doesn’t typically apply to current content zones. This is done to make the world feel more alive and group players together regardless of server (unless you’re on an RP server which is exclusively seeing players only from other RP servers).

The list Snowcrest mentioned really only applies to old area zones or major cities (such as Stormwind or Valdrakken). You’ll see players from that list if you’re in Elwynn Forest or Durotar, etc.

Even then it’s not impossible for people to be invited into your shard by others from that list.

I spent some more time in DF zones today as well as popping over to SW/Goldshire just to observe. And you know what, I think you’re right. I actually had this backwards.

It must have been a recent change though because I swear it wasn’t that long ago that it worked the other way around. I would always see connected realms in DF zones with Tich being the exception to that rule. And in SW/Goldshire I would see literally anyone, even Moonguarders.

This is a good question. I notice i’m pretty much constantly put in phases where my faction, whichever one it is at the moment, is noticeably outnumbered. It’s rare that i get put in phases where we dominate (which is obviously easier). I suspect it’s probably because i play on well populated realms.

It’s been like this for a while now and I really want to see a different group of people but it’s the same people from the same zones every single time, and I know what I’m seeing isn’t some kind of “global” War Mode group so different servers must have different groups depending on something else seemingly unseen. I have no clue what to google or look into to fix this issue.

I’d like it to go back to what it was, where it was mostly your own realm cluster. It’s kinda like the old school battlegroups where you could build up fun rivalries.

Unfortunately, there isn’t the population to support this anymore.

A lot of realms will seem totally dead. And others will be overpopulated.

I think that’s why sharding was implemented, to make realms appear alive and spread people around so the faction imbalance isn’t as noticeable.

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Yeah…it’s like with battlegrounds where they used to pit premade vs. premade but then tossed that out the window because of population.

WoW pvp overall just ain’t what it used to be.

I played on Malygos and my battlegroup was stuck with the Latin American servers, back before they knew how to play the game. It was horrible!

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If no one knows for sure then I suppose I have to open up a ticket, oh well. Thanks anyway.

I think the only distinction for War Mode is between PvE servers and RP servers, with those two types of servers having their own phases of War Mode. (Note that this doesn’t preclude RP server players from joining PvE server War Mode, if a PvE server War Mode player invites them to a group, and vice versa…)

I tried to reach a GM about it and he said it was called “sharding” and there’s no way to filter servers. That tells me that regardless of what server I enable War Mode on, I’ll be running into the same people from the same servers, which we all know simply isn’t true, so it’s clear that they don’t know how their own game functions. I tried to link the image url but it says I can’t post links. Simply hilarious.

I’d look into it more and create another thread but I just stopped caring. I absolutely despise retail anyway so whatever.

I feel like you didn’t understand what the GM might have been telling you.

Sharding allows the game to spread players out evenly across open world content.

There are multiple shards, depending on server load. You can log in with a friend who is on the same faction and realm, and if you aren’t in a group, you can be put on different shards.

It isn’t one shard for War Mode and one shard for PvE, there are lots of shards within each. You won’t see the same people all the time, because they are all in different shards.

Classic uses a similar tool, called layering. But it is restricted to players on your realm group. So you won’t see players from other realms unless they are invited into a party.

So Warmode connects all players regardless of server cluster?

Sort of. It doesn’t affect all players across the game.

I think it’s restricted to regions or perhaps geographical server locations, for instance, I’m on an Oceanic realm and I generally only see other Oceanic realms out in the world.

It makes sense, you wouldn’t be put on a realm that has a much higher ping than your own. I’ve heard from my American friends that it is dreadful being on an Oceanic realm for them.

But yes, there can be people in your War Mode who are from realms that are not connected to yours.

It gets a little more complicated because you can invite players onto your realm by creating a party with them.