Which race and spec is best for PVP?

Likely been asked a lot before this but I’d like fresh opinions. Wanting to try out rogue but not sure which racial ability (was considering Dark Iron) is best. I’d also like to know which spec has the best survival rate and/or burst damage. I’m willing to play either Alliance or Horde

My vote is Undead. I’ve never really been a fan of the forsaken, but, there’s an appeal for being the most unilaterally reviled class/spec combination.

Also, Will of the Forsaken is a pretty awesome racial.

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Strictly PvP?

Orc - passive 20% stun duration reduction and blood fury gives you attack power increase for 15 seconds for burst damage

Zandalari Troll - Embrace of Pa’ku gives abilities a chance at 4% crit strike for 12 secs and Regeneratin’ is 100% heal over 6 seconds which is ridiculous.

I’m currently torn between the two myself and was going to come on here for thoughts from others but these are my top two right now.

Edit: and I am just now discovering Assassination’s savagery. Assassination is widely accepted as the best PvP class right now.

horde - orc, stun reduction / orc damage buff
alliance - nelf (for meld resets) / human (relentless + human stun trinket is good)

Arena? Can never go wrong with orc or human, both can get 20% stun duration reduction + trinket & or orc can just get a flat 40% reduction with no trinket.

As for spec, people are sleeping on sub in 2s imo. Better survivability than sin with insane burst if you stack mastery but sin is def better in 3s and very close or equal to sub in 2s, just don’t overhype it. As a healer, I was always glad to see disc/sin because it meant easy win 90% of the time. Seeing war/heals though… ugh.

Late reply but I’m enjoying sub. You do need a ton of mastery and the right azerite traits / talents to do well and damage really kicks in above 435 ilvl.

Never played assassin but have heard it’s a lot more forgiving as their damage is front loaded into their poison ticks.

I like the control and utility of sub, it has soo much utility that your skill ceiling will only increase the more you play.

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r o c k e t b o o t s


Orcs are the best overall of all races, but it doesn’t really mean that much unless you are high rated.

Play whatever class you think looks aesthetically pleasing.

But if you want to min max for some reason, orc racials are the best. The blood fury is very nice to use with shadow dance.

you should probably know that orc racial + relentless don’t stack, therefore its not 40%