Which pvp pet is better?

In your opinion which pet is better do Wpvp, BGs? I am not doing arena.

The choose I think is between those pets that could reduce movement or those that reduce healing recived.
Which are you using most?

Thank you

Well if you are bm spirit beasts are the best.

Start bgs with a lust pet then I go for a lizard or bird of prey.

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Hello, so I am new to playing Hunter and I’ve read a lot about the different pets. When you mention “Spirit Beasts” do you mean all of the different “Spirit” types or is it a specific beast.

Right now I have the Lightning Fox that I tamed while exploring through Duskwood. Is this a good one for PvP ??

Doesn’t matter what type of spirit beast it is, they all have the same effect weather it’s the bear, fox, owl, wolf, cat, etc.

As long as they have the spirit mend ability and are listed as a spirit beast, then you are fine. Think of the different animals as just different skins like you get with other families.


tysm that really helps :smiley:

Np! Gl dude :slight_smile:

Can you tame spirit beast as survival?

No only bm

Taming and/or using spirit beast is Bam hunter exclusive. You can’t tame or use them with any other spec

Spirit beast (with more healingl

Silitid (with the reducing movement by 50% for 6 sec every 10 sec)?

Raptor (with the reducing healing recived by the target)?

Thank you

I play my hunter for a lot of bgs and rbgs swapping between BM and surv (mostly) and my 5 pets look like this:
Spirit beast for BM spec
Ferocity pet with mortal strike (ravager)
Ferocity pet with slow (crocolisk)
Cunning pet with mortal strike (raptor)
Cunning pet with slow (bird of prey)

Then I can pick which spec and pet is likely to be of the most use to me based on the specific bg and the opposing team. For example, lots of healers/hybrid classes means MS pet. Lots of mages/hunters might mean the pet with a slow is better.


You dont have to be BM to tame spirit beasts… I could be wrong but there are spirit beast porcupines in Panda Land that any hunter spec can tame. Hope this helps

The answer is always Sporebat, you will make Rogues bleed from their rectum , and they will incinerate Deathknights with fire from their butt.


yes you have to be BM to tame them

Lately for random bgs / wpvp, I like a pet with Mortal Wounds (healing debuff) and from the Cunning family for the movements buffs (helps with kiting) and for the snare removal.

Then I like low profile things so they are that much harder to see if not paying attention, so I go with the Void-Touched Marsuul.

To the thought on movement speed reducing pets…why? We have concussive shot that reduces movement speed for 6 secs on a 5 sec cooldown. So your target should always be slowed anyway without a pet.

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So you can be an annoying little $#*& and slow 2 people at once, like folks trying to help or attack a flag carrier. You can even slow 2 and stun another!

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and SV doesn’t have a “ranged” snare or slow like bm and mm. so sv needs a slow pet if he wants to kite. which sounds weird since SV is melee. but kiting as sv in pvp is where the spec shines.

To the OP you didn’t clarify which spec you plan to run. which is totally fine esp if you are unsure. but it would help to know which spec you are leaning towards so we can start to give you more then just general tips

I been playing MM (dont laugh I like it) and the best luck Ive had is with Healing Debuff. Every damn class has some sort of self heal no so it helps a LOT.


I normally run a mortal wounds pet on my hunter.

I use Dino and Dino I use to Dino’s really