Which healing spec for PvP

So I really want to level a healer for PvP, I know priests and I mained disc in Cata when atonement healing wasn’t a thing and the spec was a shield spec. I’d like to come back to PvP healing and want to revisit priest healing Im just unsure of which spec is best in PvP right now. I know disc used to be more of the pvp spec is that still true, or is holy also good for pvp?

Not sure, but a lot of pvpers have quit the game. PvEers don’t have to pvp to get enough gear anymore.

Disc right now is better than Holy because Holy got a big nerf to their PvP talent (Cardinal Mending) and it’s also why I’m not PvPing. It might be better in 9.1.5 because they’re giving Holy a baseline +15% healing increase for some of their spells to make up for the talent nerf.

Holy is better than disc right now especially in 2ss the buff looks juicy and can’t wait for it.

They both can do well. I use the same PvP gear set for both prioritizing Haste. Besides deciding on your legendary, you should be able to freely switch between the two. My Holy kind of continuously pumps healing and Disc. is more instant cast cd dependent. Both are kind of centered around getting as many instant casts as possible. Learning how to hide and drink is a valuable skill regardless of what you run.

Holy has little more CC utility in Chastise/Censure and Apotheosis. Holy has better evasion utility in Greater Fade and Divine Ascension. I take Flash Concentration as it pairs well with Holy Oration, Resonant Words, Surge of Light, Divine Ascension, and Miracle Worker. I wish Holy had a shadow school healing spell to switch to like with Disc. when you get locked out of holy spells. I can run either Trail of Light or Enlightenment.

Disc. is still very much a shielding healer. It’s necessary to learn when to switch to atonement healing. Like if one of your allies is getting focused, Rapture/Pain Suppression/PW:Barrier and heavy shielding is what you should be doing. If Druids are dropping starfall on everyone, atonement healing is what you want to be doing. I use Utlimate Radiance, Dome of Light, and either Trinity or Inner Light and Shadow. My complaint about Disc. is kind of how underwhelming the last row of talents are for PvP. Lenience is kind of the only practical one and it’s value is so small. SS is kind of only good for countering Druids, but it’s mostly wasted in overhealing, plus Rapture is better for this type of “meta”. Evangelism is decent but you can do pretty much the same thing with Trinity. I use Clarity of Mind but Disc. has flexibility in choosing a legendary with its strong baseline.