Which class will be most needed in vanilla?

What classes are going to be most needed in classic? Priests? Shamans? Paladins? Warrior tanks?

I wanna be that guy


healers obv


Tanks and healers.


Well…most needed for what?

That’s the cool thing about Vanilla. All of the classes had something important that other classes wanted/needed to have around. Obviously, in group content, DPS could be interchangeable to an extent, but every class has something that a guild will want and need.


I would guess the rarest class will be Druid and there will be plenty of guilds happy to have more of them in their raid for the utility.


Warriors that are not afraid to tank.


If you are willing to be a healing priest there will always be a place for you in anything ever.


Mage is always needed.


At the dungeon level:
Tank > Healer > DPS with CC > Ranged > Melee

At the raid level:
Healer > Ranged DPS > high performance melee (ie best performers of the like 13095803125980million people playing melee) > tanks.

Tanks are less needed for raid content simply because of numbers… 1 main tank for 5 players in dungeons vs 1 main tank for 40 players in a raid. Many fights might require offtanking, or tank swaps… but even then, you never get parity with dungeons where it’s 1 tank per 5 people until Naxx 4horseman.

For healers the low man on the totem pole is druids.

For dps, every hybrid dps is more or less worthless save an exceptionally dedicated Elemental Shaman on shorter fights, a single shadow priest to buff the raids 3+ warlocks, or a feral who exploits obviously bugged/broken item interactions.

Range priority is Mage > Lock > ~2 Hunters > 1 Shadow > maybe an ele

Melee priority is Fury >= Rogue


Priests for the most part, namely healing priests. ALWAYS in demand.

Other healing classes were needed, but were second to priests.

Warriors were reasonably plentiful, and many settled on at least tanking occasionally (carrying a sword and board in your bags was an expectation); still, most of them wanted to swing that big ol’ two-hander. Full-time tanks were still rare, however.

Ranged DPS?

  • Go Mage. They stacked VERY well for raiding, and used up minimal debuff slots The more mages, the merrier.
  • Warlock? We need ONE warlock; no more, no less. Your job is to buff the mages with Curses of Elements and not die so you can keep debuffing. And to make everyone healthstones. And apply the soulstone for the inevitable wipe And to summon every lazy bugger (30-37 raiders, you needed at least two people besides yourself to help). Forget getting healing to help you with your Lifetaps. No, we’re not waiting for you to farm more shards.
  • Shadow priest? Get back to healing.
  • Hunter? Do you have Tranquilizing Shot? Can you kite if necessary? Can you prove it, unlike all the other Hunta… bad hunters? Okay, you’re in. Maybe. Depends if a Mage is sick.

Melee DPS?

  • Rogues were EVERYWHERE, good luck competing for your raid spot from the 100 other rogues vying for the same single raid spot. Maybe you’d get in if you actually would disarm the traps in the suppression room of BWL and do other odd jobs.
  • Warrior? Could you tank in a pinch? Okay, you’re in. Now tank Vael for 15 seconds and die.
  • Shaman? Pally? Druid? Get back to healing.
  • Melee Hunter? Wait, those existed back then?!! (technically yes)
  • None of the above? Wait until a mage calls in sick.

Dwarf priest if you want a free ticket to raids.


Tanks and when I says tanks I actually just warriors…

Healers too but those are easier to come by than good tanks, oops did it again I mean warriors :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a feeling healers will be in great supply. I don’t think we’ll experience the same demographics we did in vanilla.

play whatever you like. if private servers are any indication, burnout will be high in raid guilds. play something you enjoy.


I do feel like healers will be high demand I also feel like MT warrior, warrior dps will be a dime a dozen but dedicated tanks could be in short supply.

Healers, probably. Priests definitely. Especially dwarf ones for the Alliance.

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Lol pretty helpful thanks guys. I was kind of leaning towards priest or mage or warrior tank but just couldn’t figure out which one. I feel like the ports are so helpful but at the same time I could probably just get summons everywhere as a priest xD

Any class with a heal button will be more in demand this time than during vanilla.

Those who used to play hybrid only to be pressured into healbotting know 1st hand that if you ever want to do anything besides healbot then you have to play a non-healing class so they will do exactly that this go round.

Dwarf priest.

Nothing is going to be as sought after as this.

That being said, people are saying “tank warrior” but warrior tanks are a double edged sword.

In classic, guilds are going to have 2 prot warriors, with maybe a 3rd part time prot warrior. Prot warriors deal almost no damage, even with dps gear, if they’re not tanking. Two for raids, a part time for coverage. Some raids take 4 tanks, but raids are more likely to get that 4th tank from either a dps warrior in tank gear, or a bear.

Tanks make up 20% of single groups, but 5-10% of raid groups, this, plus the fact that dungeons get more frustrating for warrior tanks as their gear improves means the game is perennially short on instance tanks while simultaneously being full on raid tanks.

Healers are also in demand, especially Resto druids for raids. Unfortuantely, resto druids suffer the opposite problem of tanks, they’re wanted for raids because of their strong heals, innervate, and battle res, but the lack of a reusable res makes them unattractive for groups (deaths will happen a lot in classic, and druid res has a 30 minute cooldown.)

Play what you want to play, get good at it, and the world will open up for you. A good player in a suboptimal class/spec is almost always better than a bad player in an optimal class


Good lord this is a load. Warlocks did excellent DPS because they scaled higher than just about everyone. Rolling Ignites are the only reason that Mages did more DPS at the end. Not to mention that if your guild expects you to summon every raid member then you should just /gquit and find a guild worth your time. Same if a Priest or Druid won’t drop a HoT on you. What a joke.