Which class is best for each faction

If had to categorize all classes for both teams I think this would be a rather even match.

Horde is good at: hunters, rogues, shamans, warriors
Alliance is good at: paladins, druids and priests.

neutral is evenly matched: DHs, DKs, mages, warlocks, monks and Evoker.

Going through all NPCs for them all makes me feel like this is accurate to date it the right way.

What is your opinion? We can divide this as races too instead of only the factions so the picture becomes clear.

I would generally agree with your list. Druid could be moved more towards neutral if we could get some decent Horde Druid aesthetics, i.e. not everything Druid being night elf themed.

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Lets not kid ourselves most notable druids are night elves.

mages is a tied between humans and elves so its more blurry to actuall rate their story attention.

We have some notable Tauren Druids. What we don’t have are Tauren Druid aesthetics and Tauren Druid led quest chains.

Zen’tabra, Loti, Hamuul, his daughter, Zen’kiki usually just follow around Malfurion when druid plot tends to happen. I don’t know if the Highmountain Tauren even have their own druid organization or were similary sucked up into the Cenerion Circle.

I also tend to make warriors towards neutral too since the most iconic Orc and Tauren warriors we used to have on the team are now dead. I am certain more people know who Danath and Muradin are before the name Eitrigg sparks any reaction.

That’s fair. I think warriors would be more neutral since the Alliance has plenty of them, but the Horde has better known warriors. I would put warlocks for Horde considering the orcish history.

Gul’dan was the most villain who ever villained so I don’t think anyone in the Horde would gloat about him being from their race. Warlocks that is. Yes it is true that more alliance warriors are still alive but by all means the Orcs produced the most of them before they got killed by the plot. Blackhand, Doomhammer and Kilrogg being the most legendary we know of.

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I mean, Arthas is no slouch in this category.

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Gul’dan only served himself and the thirst for power. Arthas would at least try to fight for the scourge.

Eltrigg is one of those returning names for anyone who’s played the RTS… or at least watched the cutscenes.