Where's the tuning Blizz?

They normally tune this week and first 3 or so weeks into new patch

Thanksgiving might push things back.

Pretty sure Blizz doesn’t balance pre-Season.

Which is kinda dumbo concerning the big warning signs that have flashed since PTR like Goremaw


Been blizz’s style to tune after actual live player testing is done through live play for awhile now, opposed to doing most adjustments during the ptr phases (which get next to no tuning these days).

Likely won’t see anything meaningful for the first few weeks.


How much more player testing before Blizz realizes every healer in the game is getting outhealed by literal tree bots?

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Oh, here’s the pve tuning.

Wellp, at least BrM got a nice buff

I honestly wonder if anyone at blizz has given a single thought to the interaction of ebon might and the fact that the pvp trinket bonus is a main stat amplifier.

Just turn it into a tank spec please, admit failure.


Beginning of season doesn’t really matter for much of anything.

Yeah the first like 7-8 weeks of a season doesn’t matter

going to be a lot of class changes people gearing chacters

Of course they matter. People want to have fun, not feel like they have to bench characters that are underperforming or play what’s broken to get Elite sets

I mean, kind of, but also not really?

Seasons last like 6 months.

I disagree. The first 6 weeks and the last 6 weeks are when most of the participation happens.

But having fun should start now

Why can’t we have fun now? :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

Two-shot rogues screwing with my 1800 mog push in shuffle?

they’ve let specs play whole seasons in god mode

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Can’t be that much worse than my trashcan specs auto-losing every time I saw light blue class or a dragon anywhere in my lobby for the entirety of last season.

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o for sure what i mean by that statement is the game will be super unbalanced 1 shot stuff also is during the gear grind where people cap vault and log off that toon for the week

i hope they at least pet you before they kept you 30 yards away the rest of the game

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