Where's the Keyring?

Yo. Dire maul just came out today, and that stuff needs a new key. So when’s the keyring gonna be added?

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Probably Phase 2 proper, along with the honor system and Azuregos/Kazzak. Dire Maul was sort of a “pre-phase 2” thing.

Blizzard stated that it would be added in the first patch.

So I’m not really sure why it’s not here?

Because Dire Maul isn’t really the first patch, it was just added in early. Little bit of nitpicking as far as patch because technically today is a patch. However I think the keyring should have been in day 1.

No, it was supposed to be a Phase 2 thing, but for some reason I cannot fathom, they released it early. We’ve been busting our tails to chase pre-raid season 1 BiS, spending gold on items we’re about to replace in DM that we never would’ve purchased…because someone, somewhere decided that we can’t have the 1% getting bored.

If they get DM, then I want my freaking key chain.

ETA: I’m as excited about DM as anyone. I have been eagerly awaiting tubers and the dungeon, itself. Still. I was waiting.