Where's the comprehensive list of affected abilities?

The title is totally misleading as if this nerf is only about a single ability. Where’s the list of all the abilities that will be affected by this?

Most folks are sick to death with the roller coaster of nerfs that are NOT bugs, but oversights caused by a lack of ability or unwillingness to create well thought out systems.

Anything unintentional could technically be called a bug.

Blizz are spin masters. Let’s not mince words here and call it for what it is, apathy.
Not to mention that ion tweeted they were going to be careful, hahahaa…

wowhead has made a list

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Edited out my thanking him for the link to a list of abilities. Apparently Jerauld didn’t read the article and wowhead is at a loss to say what will be affected as well.

I wonder what would happen to a chess tourney that let 3 games turn pawns into rooks and then afterwards they are now called something never used in chess vernacular before?

Ion tweets:
“The specific interaction we’re focused on involves Ineffable Truth, which has some unique quirks, but we’re going to take time to thoroughly investigate any potential collateral “damage” first. We have no desire to break the way Fire (or other specs) have played for months.”

Now it comes down to credibility. Having no desire to break other classes with this IT nerf isn’t the same thing as saying we won’t break other classes.

Careful is fixing an issue that needs to be taken care of. The alternative is Blizzard doing nothing, and the game would be much worse off.

I think you’re being over emotional. :thinking:

From that wowhead article:

“Note: This Blue Post mentions that flat CDR will not be increased by effects that increase cooldown rate. However, we’re not sure exactly sure what effects that increase your cooldown rate means as this can also be extended to Hasted CDR or Vision of Perfection – but the assumption is that this is targeted specifically at Ineffable Truth or else this will affect more classes and specs.”

So in fact they do NOT know what abilities will be affected and neither do the players who have now wasted time building gear sets that are useless.

Honestly I was planning to buy a bunch or rank 1s for a holy pally setup. Very curious to see what happens.

Blizzard detected fun. That was Paladins mistake.

Yeah I’d hold off as it would be a huge waste of resources on your part.

At least ‘this time’ they mentioned it first and not like the mother corruption vendor change that was announced and then implemented in less than 24 hours. You might have dodged a bullet there.

We will see. I was watching a bunch of videos with people testing it on different classes and in most cases it may not be the best as far as raw numbers go, but it made several classes very fun to play.

I remember one time at the start of an expansion, i had slow talented for a farther range and it was just outside most ‘charge’ abilities, so if I found that magic 5 yard zone I could kite and kil with impunity.

That lasted about 2 weeks.