Where's Comp Stomp At? Did It Not Get Added?

Any update on this?

Just make comp stomp a normal BG at this point b/c we have missed it a few times in the rotation. It’s so much fun doing collections through comp stomp


If thwy did the original people would love it. But they didnt.

Yeah, peeved at no comp stomp. Probably the only BG event I look forward to (battleground blitz has been a complete nightmare and I never want to touch that mode again).

Fix this, Blizz. The mode is too rare as it is to have it get buried underneath other modes that generally suck.

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How hard could it possibly be for a billion dollar company with a wealth of developers to make the BG window scroll and add Comp Stomp at the bottom.

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I don’t get why the UI for the PvP window even has to look the way it does. The UI for dungeons and LFR both use a dropdown menu to select what you want. Why can’t it be like that for the PvP window as well? Then we wouldn’t have the problem anymore where stuff ‘doesn’t fit’ and gets unofficially canceled. A game as large as WoW from a dev as large as Blizzard should not have a problem like this IMO.

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UI design is pretty much the thing WoW developers care about the least.

We’re still sitting around listing Crafting orders for mats one at a time.
The dungeon UI gives you one search bar you type stuff in, rather than specific filters, sorting, etc., and asks you to manually click Sign Up, then wait when you hit your 5-group limit, etc.
It’s next expansion when the character menu will actually get any significant change, and even then it looks pretty much like the same menu bit with different sections being toggled. No more actual useable info, or being able to customise what you put in your char screen.
It took several patches before they made certain basic UI elements moveable.
The summary button for Dragon Isles has half its space taken up by “Dragonriding”, which pops up the Dragonriding tree people practically haven’t touched except for one time after the expanson launched, or one time after a new patch.
The Guild UI was broken with a bunch of lost functionality for GM’s, and despite several thousand posts on feedback including a “we will be improving this soon”, has not been touched.

Those are just the bad examples I could list off the top of my head.

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What a great suggestion. I will definitely write something up on the CC forums after work about potentially making it a permanent feature and maybe adding different BGs to the roster that rotate weekly.


Depends on how original we’re talking. I know a lot of people when BGs hit on Classic were screaming about how good “Original AV” felt, when that was even still a heavily changed version.

I personally would have a lot of fun with AV as it was where you actually had land mines all over the damn place but I know a lot of modern players would go ballistic that AVs would typically be a “You charge the chokepoint and somehow bulldoze through, because if you try to move off the road there’s landmines every 10 feet, or just suffer.”

Iceblood Graveyard’s chokepoint was so infamous, Alliance players at large refused to queue AV at all until later TBC (I think 2.3 or 2.4) when Blizzard moved Horde spawn and gave Alliance an absurd advantage that’s persisted ever since and never once been addressed, just at most mocked when they cry during the anniversary event because the rest of the year is generally a free win.

I mean the original Korraks Revenge

Late January before it is up again. Blizzard should just add it as a monthly thing at this point. I mean it’s honor stuff, and marks so folks can buy old outdated pvp gear for transmog anyways.

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As others noted, we had a schedule conflict between these two brawls, so we put off Comp Stomp.

To compensate, we’re adjusting the whole rotation by two weeks. Comp Stomp will start on December 12, one week after the Anniversary event ends on December 7.

And then all should proceed apace.


Thanks for the update and the favorable outcome! I still think the UI could/should be modified so that these ‘schedule conflicts’ don’t occur (after all, you guys are the ones in control of the schedule), but in the short term it’s alright with me if the brawls are just delayed by a bit.


Awful lmao comp stomp was supposed to be early season but by then everyone wil have quit because PvP is so bad


Better late than never, thanks!

Thank you for the update on the situation. Plus, on a personal note, I’m very happy I’ll be able to send Alliance bots to the scrap heap, on the 12, instead of having to wait until the next one in February. It is better to wait 11 days, than it is to wait 3 months, so yes, again, Thank you, Kaivax, and have a Merry Winter Veil.

Can we please get more Comp Stomp in the rotation? :face_holding_back_tears::pleading_face::pray:t3:


When will Warfronts be added to Comp Stomp?? :eyes:


I know I asked for Korraks to come back, but if you guys aren’t going to give us the very first version with gear and level scaling then don’t bother. the non-scaled, no XP gains version is not fun at all and its not worth the hassle of distrupting the brawl schedule.