Where to farm as a hunter


I’m trying to make gold for my level 40 and 60 mount but my profession is engineering and mining for PvP.

So if I’m not making much money from proffs, what can I do other than farm?

I know hunters are good at farming the open world… anyone have any suggestions for my level 40 mount at least?

I’m assuming for my 60 mount I would be farming Mara and selling ring runs?

Edit: im level 35 with only 30g

At 40 just kill basilisks in STV (the higher level ones in the cave in southern STV). You’ll make buku bucks just vendoring the greys they drop. Bonus if you’re a skinner.

At 60, you have Mauradon and eventually DM as an option longterm, but beyond that you could simply just quest.

Gold in classic is dumb easy to come by comparative to Vanilla, because the XP->Gold patch is live, and was not in the game for a long time during vanilla.

I made over 100g just doing quests in EPL after hitting 60, and that only took 2 hours. When quests are giving 4-5g a pop, and rewards can be vendored for multiple gold on top of that you’ll be swimming in gold.

I bought my epic mount yesterday and was left with 18g. As of today I’m back at 200g, and all I’ve been doing is spamming UBRS and vendoring loot between runs. It all adds up very quickly.


Very interesting, thank you for that

Will the basilisk be profitable without skinning?
How hard has it been making gold as a warrior?

What level is your Hunter?

Yes, because the real money is the vendor loot, and they can drop multiple greys per kill. Especially as a hunter with little downtime between pulls–but highly dependent on your server density. If you have a lot of competition in the area, you may want to move elsewhere. I’m told swamp jaguars in SoS are good as well, and a similar level range.

Not as easy as it is as a Hunter/Lock/Mage, but significantly easier than I expected it to be coming from Vanilla. For reference, in Vanilla affording an epic mount was such a pipe dream I ended up grinding to Rank 11 in PvP instead to get it for free. By contrast, I’m a month in to Classic and already have mine, on top of 200g and a Flurry Axe I bought for another 200g.

I haven’t really done anything special beyond questing, and dungeon runs. Vendoring high valued green weapons, and auctioning armor pieces with decent stats.
My professions are Mining (saving all my ore for leveling Engineering eventually for PvP), and Skinning, so I’m only really getting any additional income from skinning, and its not much.

Herbalism/Alchemy is the real money maker if you’re interested in gold making professions.

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So the method I used is or may not be the most profit, but it is very predictable in terms of giving you an idea of how long it will take you to get a specific amount of money.

At level 38, I had 5 gold. At level 40, I had the 90 gold plus 14 extra gold for my level 40 training. Once all was done and finished, after spending almost all of it, I had a little more than 2 gold.

In Desolace, in shadowprey village, there is a troll on the dock with a repeatable quest. I suggest you make your way there and talk to him and after that use wowhead to see how to complete it. It is stupid easy, but does require some leg work.

How long:
I started Tuesday and dinged 40 on Sunday of the same week. I did it daily for four Elixirs, 2 hours or 8 stacks of shellfish. On Sunday, due to the congestion of people doing the same quest, I used 12 Elixirs to get the same amount of shellfish on previous days.

Recommended items:

  • classic auto quest turn in add on

-Empty bags

-Elixir of water breathing
have a guildy make these, buy the mats off the auction house and each elixir requires 3 empty vials, so make sure to provide the vials too as that can be expensive for the guildy.

This is no doubt very slow and frustrating, but it is very rewarding.

Kill the lobsters along your path from cage to cage. I tried the freezing trap/feint death method, but it only works the first round of cages. You will need to clear the lobsters so go ahead and do it. Also, I found that the more lobsters I killed outside the cages, the odds of looting shellfish from cages was higher.

You only need to find about 3 - 4 cages and create a loop with them. Respawn time is roughly 2 minutes. Once you make yourself a loop, you will get the occasional person that messes up the routine, but for the most part it is not too bad as the people grinding mount money will have similar loops in other spots. Most people looting the cages are just doing it to get that first turn in done and then they off on their way to other quests.

be a skinner and farm turtles and scorpids in tanaris. scorpids drop scales you might want to use to craft your first mail set. turtles drop turtle scales which should vendor pretty well. also, i found the level 40-42 black dragonkin in dustwallow are great for farming. they drop cash as well as skinnable.

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What is the quest reward that gives so much money?

Have you been doing all your dungeons and ubrs as dual wield fury? (I don’t want to tank anymore) you said you’ve been spamming dungeons.

Suggesting I drop engineering for skinning?

I have been tanking as 2h/Arms. If the group has a good healer, this is super fast, and you just annihlate AoE packs that even prot warriors would have trouble holding threat on, especially against mages and other classes just jumping in with AoE right off the rip.

If the healer isn’t as good, I will throw on a sword and board though. Also against certain packs that hit like trucks.

i guess not, because for me, it’s more important for me to have the most effective character, then mount mobility. I have 30% run speed, all my talents, and artisan lw from which i crafted a full set of leveling mail from. If you chose engineering because it fits the character you wanted to play, than stick with it. My priorities obviously are skewed toward the game I want to play.

At 60 gold comes so easily to hunters because of the ridiculous killrates. Between mining thorium and farming mobs in 60 zones I can make about 150g in a day

Some spots that I may as well mention because they are already perma-camped (I feel like a hipster saying I was farming them before it became popular lol…)

The satyrs in felwood have a chance to drop felcloth which goes for like 2-3g for 1. For some reason alliance love to camp these in groups. If you come and start killing mobs they will usually let you for a bit, but if u are a hunter with a killrate that can keep the whole camp clear, you can bet they will eventually get sick of it and try to kill you

Elementals in arathi highlands drop essence of fire or elemental fire, one of those I forget. Sells well on AH, and I don’t think these are as popular as the previous mentioned camp

If you are a skinner and it is late at night or odd hours u can try camping the devilsaurs in ungoro. Devilsaur leather sells for about 7g ish for 1 on AH. Perma-camped during primetime tho

I personally have farmed the 60 elite golems in ungoro. They take a LONG time to kill with just kiting via cheetah, pet damage and autoshots (immune to serpent sting), but they have a small chance to drop essence of earth which sells for like 20-25g for 1. Almost no one bothers to kill them and they don’t assist each other, so they are low risk for the most part and not contested

Pre-60 there’s turtles in shimmering flats and higher level turtles in tanaris. Best for skinners but they still drop speckled shell fragments which sell for 65s for a stack of 5 and almost always drop. They have some of the highest sell rates for their grey item drops. There’s a ton on the eastern tanaris coast and a spot in the north part of shimmering flats has like 12 of them spawn. Really mostly worth it if u can also skin them though

That’s it off the top of my head for now

Also, humanoid mobs just about anywhere are usually a cash cow to farm as hunter. Take the stacks of 20 rune cloth they drop, make it into bandages and a stack of 20 vendors for like close to above 1g if I remember correctly

The nice thing about humanoids is they also drop food/water and healing/mana pots quite a bit. You can keep the water and stock up, but AH the healing and mana potions. High level stacks of 5 health or mana potions sells on AH for A LOT, like 1g each so 5g+ per stack. I can usually farm up a stack of 5 in like an hour of killing humanoids

I was about 10g short at 40. I farmed the rock elementals in NWish Badlands and had the gold I needed after a little over an hour of farming and selling the greys they drop.

Once you hit 60, take this guy’s advice:

If you are able to just dungeon grind, do it, and try to leave as many 50+ quests as you can for when you hit level 60. Quests reward 4-5g once you get the xp->gold bonus at 60, and if they have gear rewards, even more stuff you can vendor for 2-5g.

It’s obviously not sustainable, as you’ll run out of quests eventually, but it’s a super easy way to get your epic mount at max level. I had my epic mount a week after hitting 60 by just casually finishing up any quest I could find and turning any Runecloth I had into 14 slot bags (but just selling the runecloth itself will will work if you’re not a tailor).

One good suggestion I got was to farm the coyotes in badlands; it’s most efficient to have skinning for this trick to work, but thats merely the gravy to go with the real prize: the meat.

See, crag Coyotes drop red wolf meat which has a value of 87 copper 50% of the time, and when cooked for hot wolf ribs with hot spices (10 copper each) the ribs have a sale value of 3s12c; a stack of these will cost you 2 silver and get you 59s20c.

Plus whatever grays they drop.

And those coyotes? Only level 35 or so.

Im in between a warrior/rogue/hunter right now… would you guys suggest the same methods for farming on a rogue?

The reward for the repeatable quest is 55 silver for every 5 shellfish. So every 20 shellfish is 2 gold. This is just the quest, not including all the greys you vender, the Big Iron fishing poles you can sell on the auction house for 1 gold 50 silver each and the silver you loot from the lobsters you kill. I looted 11 big iron fishing poles, which I just gave to my the guildies and my alts, but you can easily get 1 gold 50 silver for them right now being the economy is in the dumps still. There are many green that you loot too, which can be turned into enchanting mats by a guildy or put in auction house. It adds up quick.

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Skinning is the proff to go for on an alt just for grinding gold. If im not mistaken, a stack (20) of rugged leather sells for 1g which imo not bad at all,. It would take time but def an ideal way to go

is it only the ones in the caves? i tried killing a hundred of so outside the cave as they were still red to me and never got any good vendor drops - was a waste of time really

as hunter i suggest you find some elites around your level and grind them - i stayed in SM solon stuff for a good 4-5 levels or so

Why on earth are you people necroing stuff like this from nearly a year and a half ago with sock puppets?