Where is the rp?

So yeah… Where the rp’s at? I’ve not rped for a long time, and wish to come back, but I don’t find people doin’ it. Or anyway, If a guild Rp-Pvp would like to get me…I’m all in.


Same here, been looking too. Hopefully this thread will get some bites :slight_smile:

Same I’m on Farstriders right now asking for any RP Guilds… maybe I should just make one lol

I’ll join in the hunt… I just returned to WoW after 5 years and everywhere I looks it’s a ghost town. I’m on Farstriders so if there are any RP guilds out there, I’d be interested in hearing from them.

I think it is really sad to see the server lacking in rp. Many years ago, I started my first rp character here. Now people seem shocked when they do see it. I believe most of the rpers migrated to MG and WRA.

That said, I would love to find some fellow rpers here on Farstriders or the connected realms. I have several characters here and I would love to have some good rp again that is not focused on ERP or some other universe.

I had a theme in mind if I could find some willing partners. I think a “Robin Hood” type rp would fit in well with the current events. If I started an rp guild with that in mind, I would love to get some feedback on how you would like to see it run.

I know it’s bad manners to post in a “dead” thread but THIS! I have looked and looked and looked. The only other RP’er I knew vanished and ghosted me. I don’t want to transfer to Moonguard, as I have a decade of RPing on this server, but now I’m mostly talking to myself. Me and a roleplay friend of mine hang out in a guild called The Lost Home. It’s not a roleplay guild itself, but if your looking for folks or know folks I would love to come around. @Alvira if you did your guild let me know. I will happily show up, I got a happy upbeat mage that would likely have a blast teleporting ya’ll around.

Alas, I am now on MG, and possibly thinking of going to Cenarion Circle. If there is rp on Farstriders, it is few and far between. I moved with a friend a few months ago to MG.

I did however find a lot of great rpers on CC. It’s a small community, but friendly and welcoming. Don’t expect to find a lot of walk up, though it’s possible. We are merged with SIsters of Elune, so we have two realms worth of rpers to draw from.

Check out the forum and take a peek. We even write stories on the forums!


I know this thread has been inactive for a long long time but I am also interested in trying to bring life back to these servers. I started my RP adventures on WoW on TB and would love the find some RP and join up with some RPers from these realms. I’m currently on MG and WRA but something about leaving and finding RP on my original server or those servers linked just feels right.

I’m always up for Kaldorei/Night elf RP! I just started playing again after being away. I used to be on WrA but came here to be with friends. I’d love to see the RP community spring back to life here.

I’m looking for an RP home or starting a guild (Alliance side) and would be transferring my toon from WRA if I found the right server.

Anyone interested in Horde side on Silver Hand look up Vazgule or Dragov. I lead The Grim Legion, we’r RP’ers that RP in the vein of D&D. We’re pretty old school and we take care of one another too. Our story is that we are old school Horde loyalists. We have no problems drinking the demon blood or doing any other dark and insidious things. We’re pretty much the bad guys. We’re an old Horde warband.

RP just kinda died on Silver Hand like right around the time TBC launched. A few groups tried to keep it going but, to no avail, there wasn’t enough interest. I think the free server transfers Blizzard offered in an effort to balance the factions had the exact opposite effect and kinda killed the RP community.
I hear people still RP on Moon Guard and WRA. If you’re really in it for the RP might as well roll a character over there.

Died back in the late 90’s early 2000’s with boybands, fedora hats, and Uggs. RP now is just cringy, awkward and has no real game support. Suuure, there are more than a few awkward “stares longingly into eyes”, and that’s the passing structure for game supported RP. Truthfully most of us that have been here for years just came to RP servers to get away from the toxic min/max community that plagues other servers back in 2007 or 2008. But over time it’s just gotten weird, and toxic has just become the accepted norm, so much so that it’s been given “barrens chat” or other nicknames to make it more palatable.