Where is the news about classic?

Are you blind? I said they announced it. That was all and nothing else whatsoever after it.

Are you asking me? No, I am not.

Hi Blizzard, answer the question pls.
Fresh Vanilla when ?


I’m hoping their vague Fresh option means Fresh realms, but at this point I’m not sure.

Probably my disappointment with Blizz speaking.


if they answered this, it’d negatively impact their finances.

All I know is they’ve been updating the PTR client to a new version about every 2-3 days for the past couple weeks. So they are working on something. No notes or communication though. Kind of disturbing.

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Many of us DON’T want to ‘change Classic’ we in fact just want a FOREVER server “Fresh” lvl 1 launch. (Do NOT send us to TBC; do NOT do a bunch of changes or Classic +; Just make a new server that we can ALL GO TO AND PLAY WITH LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and NO BOTs!)


wont you just quit when it’s Day 2 and you wake up to realize you’re not the top dog on the server anymore?

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This is what I personally want. If they try and shove some half baked Classic /retail mix with pet battles and Pandaren Death Knights… I’m out.

Looking at it from a corporate perspective; bliz/activision have made many oopsies lately and they are in my opinion waiting for YOU and me the players to “tell them what to make” in the Classic Fresh Start launch. Part of the reason it’s so important to upvote comments that you agree with is simply to show the admins who read forums and listen to streamers feed back what YOU the player are willing to play. As a company they will need to skillfully navigate this angry mob… I want answers “Soon” too but if it takes more time to do what’s RIGHT!? then I’d say that’s worth a bit of a wait.

I’d rather them take time and get it right than do another knee jerk ‘hotfix’ that makes things worse.

I quit last time because of right click reporting abuse (with no appeal process) in cross server Battlegrounds (what happened to #nochanges?) and the massive merging and locking of servers from people doing server transfers. I PAID to move to a very nice slightly Alliance favored community only to have 2,000 Horde players get dumped into the peaceful small server (30% of the server increase) and they all got shoved there for FREE to destroy my well researched calculated move off of the biggest PvP server around.

Please stop “fixing” stuff Bliz… you’re destroying everything you touch!!

Sadly it appears that the idiocy of chronoboons is still in. Nothing like the tone deafness.

Yeah but his point is “Fresh” will not bring anything new to what we already have. The only thing I can think of that a “Fresh” server would really bring to the actual servers is you have to farm mats for AQ40 all over again.

Everything you said could happen on a “fresh” server.

Personally, I think if Blizzard released Fresh tomorrow there would only be a small number of players to take advantage of it.

While I much prefer Classic over TBC, I understand that not everyone has the same bias. Some people prefer TBC, and there is a wide spectrum of player preferences.

The same goes for WotLK, a lot of players primary play time would go to wrath once TBC finishes.

I get that some only want vanilla, I probably fall into that camp. But if Fresh won’t get off the ground until the next 2 expansions run their course, the least that Blizzard could do is say Fresh won’t be out for a year or three, and allow players to either move on with their lives, or to settle back into the phase 6 vanilla servers we have now.

Because the uncertainty is making it hard to commit to anything right now, because why level to 60 on a server if Fresh could get announced next week?


well I know what my plans are. I’m not paying any more sub money until a fresh classic server comes out. and I don’t think I’m alone, so I think Blizzard will release one sooner rather than later.


Yes, PLEASE Classic >>> VANILLA <<< NOT TBC, thank you!


Do a little experiment. Go make a warrior… just because and level on one of the servers in your time zone 1-60 and tell me if it is easy or hard to find 4 other players to run SM gy when you hit 30… or ST at 50… I hope you see my point.

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I understand your point, your point is I want to run low level dungeons with people and I can’t really do it right now.

And my point is you should try to organize. WIth all people asking for “fresh” in this forum, you could easily decide to declare let’s all reroll on server X, make a post about it, keep it up and probably a lot of people will follow you. Instead of milking the game more with “fresh servers”. Cause all in all, I don’t think what you really want is a “fresh server”. What you want is for Blizzard to decide and declare what is the new hot server to be, hoping that everyone will reroll on it at once. Well you can do that yourself and for the greater good.

Besides, I don’t keep track of all the clusters now but Atiesh ally side, there is a lot of people leveling there. With a little work you can probably find a group not that hard. Pagle cluster seemed very promising for the leveling experience too. I didn’t do a lot of researches and my goal was to find a raiding guild (come to Herod horde side guys), not a leveling cluster.

You can also level alts and stop them at x level (let say 18 for deadmines). Then you wait a day when a group for deadmines is forming and voilà. Or you play another toon and try to create such a group. But people usually don’t like to wait unfortunately.

But if you don’t want to wait, it’s because you want to level fast. So why do you even care about dungeons ? Just go do quests or kill mobs.

Ill resub and play a fresh classic for a few months until the bots take over and game is ruined again. Should be a fun month.


You are just a spoiled snowflake who will literally always complain about something and then make some lame excuse why your problems aren’t really yours.

Fresh server launch is not the enemy of Era servers. There are simple ways for the communities to still be both played without splitting everyone into dead servers.

*will post link to previous thread in edit:

I appreciate your efforts in this. You have a good ‘make the best of it’ mindset. Understand that; I have quit wow now for over a year. I am not interested in putting up with a failed mess that Bliz has made (mass free server transfers destroying already balanced servers; Cross faction battle grounds without disabling right click reporting resulting in massive abuse from streamers with no appeals process; deliberate incentivization of gold farmers and bots with no penalties; Forcing players to go TBC or face a Pay wall to continue enjoying Classic after months of rank 14 grind, etc)

Fresh with the promise to NEVER progress server to TBC or any kind of ‘Classic’ will let people congregate on a clean slate server and not have to worry about the community they build to be siphoned away into the newest expansion candy dangled before them.