Where is the kalu'ak fishing tourney quest npc

feelz bad i would be pissed off on the week i got a shark and no quest npc

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I wasnt the first one to catch it
so i dont feel ripped off

I got here like 10m after the first person, but it still shakes me certainty on wether or not hes actually gonna be here going forward

Got here at 7 mins after with my shark, no NPC…gg blizz.

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same got it on the second cast hearthed and rocket booted over to absolutely nothing… last thing I need for Salty title too tough gg

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Gave up on the tourney like 2 months ago, decided to try it again and got the shark 20 min ago, and the dude is bugged. Classic Blizzard


From looking around it appears to have happened to the EU servers 6 hours ago, however Blizzard is to lazy to make a post.

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same on Mankrik

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He disappeared and said nothing. GG, not even that the event ended

Did he ever end up spawning for EU/East servers? On Whitemane atm with same problem

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he did not, the zone wide northrend yell worked.

I wonder if he was even there to begin with? :thinking:

I caught mine before Breezyw

slander will not be tolerated

Did not spawn on Grobbulus Either ; Only the start of the tournament was announced. Really messed up that they just wasted at minimum 2 hours of peoples time across multiple servers. They should really bring back Joyous journey as an apology.

or credit those players who had the shark in their bag within those times with the rewards.


I opened a ticket regarding his disappearance from Mankrik, and received an automated response on how to complete quests and reload my UI.

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Same, here’s hoping they do something. Pretty awful to finally catch the shark and watch it decay in bags

Was anything done to resolve this or even publicly address the issue? I sent in a support request but got no reply.


We pushed a hotfix late last week to resolve some issues with Elder Clearwater and unfortunately exposed another issue which caused him to be missing for the Fishing Derby this past weekend. We believe we’ve corrected that error now and he should be present as expected for this coming weekend’s Fishing Derby.

Thank you for the reports about this issue and please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

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I appreciate your attention on this matter.

Are there any plans to award winners from last Saturday? Trying to win one of these tournaments is about as hard as winning the lottery with server populations as high as they are.


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