Where is the community council representatives to speak up for the community?

That forum has proven to be a useless retail hoax, more or less what I predicted when they first announced it. The folks they selected for us didn’t post with classic/crusade characters, barely had any prior history on forum, and soon dumped. After they left, we went from having barely any representation, to just none. Now you can’t even find threads on there about classic/crusade.

It’s not even close to absolute. I’m fine with 4 months per tier, that’s how long tiers should have always lasted in WoW.

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I sorta feel bad for you invoking the community council as if it’s in some way real.

I sorta feel bad for you feeling bad for me



The pace is fine. Close to 90% of guilds that log have cleared BT/Hyjal… Its time for Sunwell

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the pace is fine imo but the council itself is a joke and useless 100%

They kicked most of the people who gave legitimate feedback. The only ones left are the ones who would praise a turd.


Gotta admit, made me laugh with that last line

That is not the parameter.

Prosident did nothing wrong.

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Maybe its not, but having 90% wait on the 10% shouldn’t occur. They’re ready for Sunwell. In the end the 10% can either get faster or get gooder

Look at the posts and outcry thus far. 90 percent of people aren’t ready to move on just yet. This season is way too rushed

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This thread:

has 45 likes. The first response in that thread:

has 35 likes. Does that look like a 90% ratio to you? Factor in the fact that people mostly come to the forums to complain as well.


retail profile pic = bad opinion

I agree in that i don’t mind a faster pace. However, arena and honor point gains need to be greatly increased to compensate for the condensed schedule.

Again, this is not the parameter or reason to rush the the next content, in special that we are talking about phase 5, the time space between phase 3-5 shouldn’t be the same from phase 2-3.

retail profile = grey parses

I love this statement. I mean, the forums represents something like 5-10% of the playerbase, but since a few of the same people are mad at the pace, that means there is an absolute swarm of people!!!

Seriously, it seems to be about 50-50 on the pace of the game and if it is good or bad.

Yep pretty much, just as many for the pace as there is against the pace.

There is an absolute backlash.

if you deny, you’re a denialist.

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