Where is Socks?

I have a burning question that I would like to have someone with lore knowledge answer for me.

In Mists of Pandaria there is a quest called SI:7 Report: Hostile Natives where sully gets to live because of the sacrifice that Socks made. Later on there is a fight to kill Widow Greenpaw(The Jade Witch) in which doing so releases everyone from their Jade and that leads up to my question. Did Socks get out of his Jade Statue when everyone else did and if so did he die somewhere else or is he still alive?

Much like his Horde counterpart Gorrok, they are both still alive. When you complete the quest you can see them among the statues freed (generally in the front)

While I can’t comment on Socks, Gorrok can be seen later in a Hozen hut sleeping in Grookin Hill. It is extremely hard to spot though, and I think it is only for a limited number of phases during questing.

However as both are alive and ‘recuperating’ when the Horde / Alliance go to the Jade Serpent statue for that fateful encounter, it is likely that neither perished. Seeing as we never encounter them again both are still ‘alive’ in the lore.

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Socks shows up as one of Sully’s pets in the Celestial Tournament for pet battles on the Timeless Isle:


You get a trinket that summons socks, the jade raccoon. He takes a fatal blow for you lol.